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Traveling w/ 9 mo. old during Cherry Blossom Festival

Hoping you ladies might be able to shed some advice. I am from Michigan and we have an opportunity to visit D.C. for the first time the weekend of Aug. 8-11th, during the Cherry Blossom Festival. How busy is it during this time? Obviously I know it is busy, but is it worth making a the trip being that it's our first time and with a 9 month old in tow (along with stoller, car seat, etc.)? Any advice is appreciated! Thank you!

Re: Traveling w/ 9 mo. old during Cherry Blossom Festival

  • I assume you mean April, not August?  Cause the Cherry Blossom Festival is in the spring.  

    As for your question, town is really, really crowded.  I think it really depends how comfortable you are in crowds (especially with a baby).  I definitely have seen some itty bitty babies out and about during the festival.  But if you aren't used to or aren't comfortable in crowds, it might not be the best time to visit.  

    Other advice if you do travel during that time is don't plan to spend all your time in the touristy sections of town.  Sure, perhaps spend some time by the monuments and the cherry blossoms, but take the time to explore Dupont Circle, Georgetown (which will still be crowded but not as bad as the monuments), the Zoo, Eastern Market, U Street and all the other neighborhoods that make D.C. unique!  

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  • It is pretty busy downtown during the cherry blossom festival, but most of the crowds stay near the tidal basin and national mall.  There is plenty to see that is not in the crowded areas.  However, obviously if you're in town for the festival, you will want to see it.  I would suggest baby wearing instead of a stroller at the festival itself.  The sidewalks at the tidal basin are about 1.5 people wide.  And one side of the sidewalk is water... It would be easier to get around the crowds if you wear baby b/c you will need to need to leave the sidewalk a lot and walk on crowded grassy areas.  I'll be taking my 2yo and 2mo downtown to the festival this year.  It's beautiful and enjoyable, but plan for crowds and be patient.
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