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Duke is here! -- Birth story (the tale of a glorious induction)

I went in for my weekly checkup on Tuesday at 37&3. I was disappointed that I hadn't made much progress from the previous week, cervix was at 3.5 cm & 80% effaced. But my BP had jumped from my normal 110s/70s to 150/100. No protein in my urine, vision changes, swelling, etc to indicate pre-e but my OB suggested that we go ahead and induce at 38 weeks just to be safe since my cervix was favorable. DS1 was born at 38 weeks via spontaneous vaginal delivery so an induction was new and scary to me. 

I was terrified about an induction leading to a C section. I almost called her and backed out on Thursday. But then I lost my plug and had a lot of contractions throughout the day & as ridiculous as it sounds, that just calmed my fears about a failed induction leading to C/S. 

So me & DH arrived at the hospital at 5 am this morning. They checked me at 4 cm and still 80% effaced. By 6 I had my IV in, labs drawn, fluids going and Pitocin started. I told them I wanted my epidural ASAP so anesthesia was there and had it done by 715 before my contractions even got painful. One stick, minor discomfort, wonderfully successful. I could still move my legs, feel my butt & contractions just without pain. By 845 I was at 6 cm so OB stopped by and broke my water. I was complete at 10 am & labored down for 30 mins while I waited for my OB to arrive. I could feel the pressure to push and the contractions, just pain-less (this was not the experience I had with my epidural with DS1). 5 Pushes and 15 mins later at 1045 am our big boy was born! Duke weighed in at 8 Lbs 11 oz & 21 inches long. He had a tight nuchal cord so I'm very thankful that he was able to tolerate labor and delivery without difficulty. I had no tears or episiotomy, I'm still in shock about how smooth it all went! We did immediate skin-to-skin for the next two hours and he latched right on and nursed like a champ! Thanks for reading my novel

Re: Duke is here! -- Birth story (the tale of a glorious induction)

  • Congratulations! So glad it went smoothly and he's here safe and sound!
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  • Congrats! I'm glad it turned out so well, especially since you were so nervous
  • Congratulations! What an amazing birth experience and so glad it all went positively!
  • Congratulations! ! He's beautiful! !


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  • That's awesome. Welcome, baby boy!
  • Congrats!!!
  • He's so cute! Congrats, I can only hope my induction goes as smoothly as yours!

  • Congrats on such an adorable little guy! I'm so glad everything went smooth for you!!
  • Congrats!! I'm praying my story is as smooth as yours!! :)
  • Congratulations! 
  • Congratulations! (And send some of that easy labor to the rest of us... ;) ) And your baby boy is so cute!

  • Congratulations! 
  • What a great story! Delighted for you guys. 
  • Congrats! I hope my induction is just as smooth! 
  • Congratulations! Glad everything went so well. 

  • Wow, that sounds glorious! Definitely a birth story everyone should read to make them relax!! Congrats!!!
  • Congrats! 



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  • Congratulations he is such a cutie pie!!! So happy it ended up going smoothly for you!
  • Congrats, glad everything went well!!!
  • Sounds like everything went smoothly, congratulations!! 
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