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Anyone in the DC-MD-VA area looking into a midwife or birthing center? First time mom here... Definitely not looking for the hippie/crunchy/granola feeling that I think a lot of people (myself included) perceive a midwife birthing experience to be, just looking for the most options and willingness to stick to what I'd like to see as a progression of best to worse case scenario during labor and birth. I'm well aware that anything can happen and having everything go exactly according to plan is unlikely, however I want as much say in the experience possible, a level of say that one simply doesn't see in many hospital environments. So ladies, recommendations?
Also, I'd love to consider a home birth, however I don't think MD Medicaid covers it. But I know they do cover Birthing Center births. Any thoughts on making a home birth affordable?

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  • I don't know about medicaid, but health insurance will cover home births in DC and VA, I believe MD as well.

    I worked with Birthcare, a free standing birth center in Alexandria. The midwives attend births at the birth center and in homes. I also had a friend recently deliver with MAMAs midwives in MD.
  • There are two in Arnold MD - Special Beginnings and another one (can't remember the name).  I plan on using SB.  I don't know if they accept medicaid, but know they accept a number of plans so it's worth checking out.  It's also close to the hospital in Arundal County in case you need it and the midwives have privileges there so they can go with you to the hospital if needed. 
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  • Hi I believe there's different medicaid insurances depending on which plan you chose but Medstar washington hospital center may interest you. They have in an house midwifery program that's supposed to be very good.{}

    I'm delivering at special beginnings near annapolis. Their website says they accept maryland medicaid. Maybe make a list of a few places that you'd be interested to deliver at then call all those places to verify if they accept your insurance.

    Like the other poster said there's Birthcare in alexandria they do a lot of home births but I believe home birth by midwives if you lived in MD was previously banned by the state of MD but that may have changed. So Birthcare previously could only do your home birth if you lived in VA or DC but you have to check with them to see if MD is now available.
  • Bay Area Midwifery has a birthing center next to Anne Arundel Medical Center.  There's actually an underground tunnel that could transport you to the hospital in case of complications.
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