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Sling/wrap advice from other moms!

Hi ladies, I didn't get into wraps much with my first LO just used the ergo when he was older. I just remember nursing my son for what it seemed like 20hrs a day in the beginning. Are there any wraps that you can use while nursing and chasing a toddler or is that a silly idea? Also the easier to use the better. Thanks for any advice!!!

Re: Sling/wrap advice from other moms!

  • I'm planning on using a wrap with this baby. I tried the peanut sling with my older DD and she hated it. I was also maybe using it wrong. My friend used a Moby wrap with both of her's and was able to nurse really easily with it. There are A LOT of video tutorials on how to use these and how to create different holds. Also, check around your area and sometimes you can find places offering workshops on how to babywear.

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  • I have a Maya ring sling I got when DD2 was probably close to or just over a year and I nursed her in it a lot. I plan on using it with this LO, as well as my Ergo, which I nursed in a lot too before I had the Maya. Like PP said, there's lots of youtube videos, that's how I figured it out.
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  • I nursed in my ergo. Do you have a baby wearing international group near you? The meetings are free and you can test out tons of different wraps and carriers! I went to a few meetings and they really helped me choose a wrap and teach me how to use it properly.
  • Thanks ladies I would have no clue how to nurse in the ergo. That's a good idea I'll try to find a class before I buy one!
  • You can pretty much nurse in all wraps! There are 2 main types of wraps: woven or stretchy. Stretchy wraps (like a Moby) are nice in that you can tie it on yourself and then pop baby in and out when you need to. But the downside is that the fabric is inherently less supportive (because it stretches) which means you need more layers of fabric over baby for a secure hold (hotter for both you and baby, a definite consideration for a June baby) and you will find it difficult to get enough support when baby gets larger than 10-12 lbs. A woven wrap can seem a little more intimidating at first and may also be more expensive (depending on the brand) but can easily support even a large toddler/preschooler with only one layer of fabric. They come in different lengths (most beginners will want a size 5 or 6, but you can do some more advanced carries with a shorter wrap) and a gazillion styles and colours. There are also some carries you can do that are "poppable" (so you can take baby in or out without having to re-tie from scratch)...for an example, look up Front Cross Carry on YouTube.

    Sorry for the information dump. Babywearing can get complicated if you really want to get into it :)
  • Oh and someone mentioned it already but ring slings are awesome for nursing in and pretty simple to get baby in or out of.
  • I second a ring sling for nursing! There's a bit of a learning curve at first but once you get it it's so easy!
  • My SIL makes her own moby wraps and told me they are great for nursing. I'm going to try it out. She says the moby is her fav way to wear baby.

    There are a ton of baby wearing groups you can go to and try out different wraps. I have a friend who only uses woven and hates the moby style. I think she likes the options available to wear with woven, and the wraps are freaking gorgeous. Expensive but gorgeous

    My plan is to start with a DIY moby and go to wearing groups once baby is here. I don't want to invest in anything before the baby. I only have a cat to test wraps on and it is not quite the same as testing on a baby lol.
  • Does anyone have (and have an opinion on) a Solly Baby wrap? I can't decide between that and a Baby K'tan... and all of the other options. Lol

    And no, there are no baby wearing groups near me. I have to rely on Internet reviews.

  • scotten said:

    Does anyone have (and have an opinion on) a Solly Baby wrap? I can't decide between that and a Baby K'tan... and all of the other options. Lol

    And no, there are no baby wearing groups near me. I have to rely on Internet reviews.

    You can find baby wearing groups on Facebook and ask them there too. My friend who is obsessed with woven wraps is part of a Facebook group and goes to meetups with them all the time. She was able to try a huge variety of wraps/carriers to figure out what she liked and what worked best with her babies. I'm sure if you popped into a fee groups and asked about specific wraps, you'd get a better idea than relying on reviews alone. That is, if no one here has an answer for you.

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