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Help. Poop feeling?

I'm 41+2 today. I keep having the feeling that I need to poop, but there's nothing. I'm not having contractions when this happens. Just the "quiver" feeling.
Has anyone experienced this?

Re: Help. Poop feeling?

  • I would go get checked out. With my first I didn't ever feel contractions either. It sounds me like the baby is really low. Better sage than sorry.
  • Yeah, I think your baby is low. 
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  • Feeling the same for the last couple of weeks
  • I hope so. Thanks guys.
  • It's probably pressure from baby. I had this for a couple days then I think baby moved and it let up. At 41+2 your baby is probably engaged now and getting ready to finally come out! ;)
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  • I had this same feeling for about a week or less before baby was born. I always had the feeling to go there was nothing there.



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