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AD and pregnant! (Profiles)


So far I am 22 weeks (23 on Tuesday) and I have the boot waiver and now I'm ready for half job is very demanding. I work at the dining facility and I'm on my feet all day. By the time the day is over I'm so exhausted and my body is in pain. On top of the body aches I've been so stressed due to co workers mistreating me because I'm pregnant (I would have to go into the bathroom to cry it out).

My question is has anyone had similar issues and how did you go about fixing it so you were comfortable and not stressing?

Re: AD and pregnant! (Profiles)

  • I don't have any advise to offer or help your situation, but I wanted to say shame on them! You should not be treated this way and I hope you have resolved this issue or are working on it! Praying for your comfort :x
  • I would suggest to look up the pregnancy order for your branch of service. Every branch has one. This will tell you what your rights are as a pregnant service member. I had two kids in the Marine Corps. It was not easy. My first one was the hardest because I was only PFC. I had to deal with judge mental make NCO's. There were a few times that my emotions got the best of me and I blew up on them. They blamed it on the hormones. If there is another female that you can talk to in your shop, please do. They are going to be able to help and support you better. If you want to talk more please let me know.
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  • Your doc should have the info too. Don't let him/her blow you off though. Most the military docs I've met are great with dependents but give zero s***s about soldiers.
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