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Colic? Food sensitivitie?

My daughter is 5 weeks old she has gotten very fussy at night about 6 or 9 she starts usually screaming for an hr . And has now during the day has started crying almost all day except for when she's sleeping. During the day is a normal cry not a hard cry like at night. I'm trying to take milk out of my diet this is only day 4 of no dairy they said to give it a few weeks to see if it helps. Has any one else had this issue that may have some ideas?

Re: Colic? Food sensitivitie?

  • We called it "The Witching Hour", it's normal for this age, and absolutely maddening. There's a wonder week that happens around 5-6 weeks, and the developmental leap means baby will be more clingy. Download the wonder weeks app, I found it helped us deal with her and understand why she was extra fussy. For us, the witching hour only lasted a few weeks, and then she went back to normal. We used grip water sometimes, and that seemed to help a bit.

    According to kellymom, symptoms of a milk protein allergy "may include loose stools (possibly containing blood), vomiting, gagging, refusing food, irritability or colic, and skin rashes, like eczema. ". If you suspect tummy troubles, have you tried a probiotic like Gerber Soothe? They can be really helpful in easing baby's digestive issues.
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  • sounds about right, lo woukd start fussing around dinner time until bed time from around 5 to 9 weeks. Growth spurts make him fussy all day for a couple days, then he is back to his normal happy demenor.
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  • I also agree it sounds like the witching hour. Both of my kids went through it and it sucks really bad. Also google "colic" and read the description. It's pretty on point so if your LO is doing what the description says then most likely it IS colic but it also could just be the age.
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