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Sinus Infection Help!

I've come down with a horrible sinus infection:(. I think I got sick from my fiancé's daughter who's here for the weekend and is sick. I have a horrible headache that isn't relieved by anything including acetaminophen, blocked sinuses that when they do drain is nasty, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes in my neck, dizziness, pressure in my ears and face, and short of breath. Is it best to take the day off tomorrow from work to rest and go to my doc?

Re: Sinus Infection Help!

  • I had the same thing happen to me. Unfortunately there's not much you can do. My doctor had a very short list of over the counter meds I could take. They included Tylenol, Claritin, and Robitusdin, alcohol free. Get a humidifier to keep next to your bed. Obviously call your office to consult with them as well. Feel better!!
  • Take the day off work! Even if the doctor can't prescribe anything other than what you're taking at least take the day to rest and recover.
  • Please rest!   You are considered (somewhat) immunocompromised during pregnancy and if you push it it could get worse.  I got the same thing last pregnancy in third trimester and was so sick/coughed so much I went into preterm labor.  
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  • Call your dr everyone is different they may have a suggestion on something you can take. I often get a sinus infection a year but I have found my neti pot has really helped ease the symptoms and the pressure !
  • Depending how many weeks you are depends on what you can take consult your ob. If its a sinus infection they'll possibly give an antibiotic RX. Also keep an eye on it.... It could be rhinitis (pregnancy congestion) its the worst! If it doesn't get better and ob can't do anything to help you consult an ENT doctor. (Ears Nose Thoart ENT)
  • I had the same thing happen and my doctor called in a script for Z-pak without even having me come in. I felt like I'd been hit in the face with a baseball bat. She said since I am predisposed to sinus / ear infections any way, no reason to let that one get away from us. My doctor also said if the coughing got worse, in early pregnancy Tylenol with codeine in limited amounts is okay.
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