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What to expect at my first prenatal visit?

Hey, all :) It's sort of surreal to post here as the realization that I'm going to be a parent hasn't yet sunk in. I am 8 weeks, technically, because this is when I last I had my period, but I think I conceived 3 weeks after my period, not 2 (I have a 35 day cycle). So I guess that makes me 7 weeks - ?  I was not trying, but I had *one* instance (that I didnt think was even very close to my ovulation date) where we didn't prevent, and here I am. I was very freaked out at first but am okay now, sometimes excited.

Anyway, I'm going to my first prenatal appointment tomorrow and I am wondering what to expect. I've looked this up but have found various things. Just wondering what happened at your first appointment & how far along you were.

Re: What to expect at my first prenatal visit?

  • Depending on the dr can change what they do. Since I wasn't quite sure how far I was they did a dating ultrasound asked me a lot of questions about me and DH's healthy history and gave me a lot of Info as well.

    I was 8weeks according to lmp but ended up being 7 weeks
  • My doctor does a physical exam, insurance stuff, and mostly just q & a. First ultrasound normally lands around 12 weeks or so but again that depends on your doctor. Good luck!
  • every practice does things differently.

    my first prenatal exam was done at 12 weeks, & took about 45mins. they did a complete physical (weight, blood pressure, blood test, etc.) & also did a pap/STD test. i got to hear the heartbeat via doppler as well, which was really nice! i got my first US scan 3 days later at a radiology clinic. & that was that!
  • Depends on your doctor. Personally I've seen three different care providers for my 3 pregnancies, and each "First appt" has been different. So there's definitely more than one answer to this question. You can always call ahead of time and ask what to expect.
  • I've had to appointments so far. The first was at my RE's office and they did an u/s to make sure everything was progressing well and checked the heartbeat. I was a little over 6w for that appointment.

    This last one I just had at 8w3d they OB just ended up doing an u/s as well since my RE's office wanted another follow up done on me within a couple weeks. I don't know if that means next appointment I'm going to have the fun internal and pap done but I would have thought if they were going to do a pap it would have been at the 8w appointment. My OB mentioned getting the Panorama test done but that can't be done until I'm at least 10 weeks. I would think the next appointment (12 wk) would be additional blood work but I'm not sure.
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  • Ditto to PP, my first appointment was at almost 8 weeks and they did a health history of me and my husband, a dating/viability ultrasound and talked us through all of the testing options and general FAQs.

  • You can always call your doctor and ask what to expect! My doctor did a transvaginal ultrasound at 8 weeks, and I filled out paperwork. Some only do ultrasounds at 12 and 20 weeks, and some only do the 20 week anatomy scan (assuming everything else looks normal).
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  • Most of it was the u/s to determine due date, check that baby and placenta are in the right place, and listen for the HB. I'm in the same boat as you and my due date is about a week later than it would be based on LMP. I had longer cycles and had a feeling that the due date would be off. This early it will be a vaginal u/s which I did not expect first time around.
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