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Drying milk supply questions

I had my daughter 11 days ago. I did not breastfeed and on day 3 my breasts became engorged. I did the cabbage leaves for two or three days and it worked great. They no longer are engorged or hurt at all. However I'm having to wear nursing pads because I'm still leaking. How long does this last??

Re: Drying milk supply questions

  • I had leaking for a few weeks.
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  • How the hell do I wean off pumping? Also trying to dry my milk supply. I wonder if sudafed actually works
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  • Cut down on the time you spend pumping and stretch time between pumping sessions. So if you pump 15mins every 4 hours cut to 10 min every 5-6 for example. And keep going longer between pumps but don't let yourself get too engorged.
  • I really wish I could help, but I NEVER produced milk! My boobs got a little bigger, and sore to the touch, but that was and is about the only thing that's going on. I was told wrapping them up tight with an ace bandage or using a fitted sports bra, when you're finally ready to do so, is helpful. Also, like PP said, cut back on your pumping. But at a slow pace. If you stop all of the sudden, you're going to get too engorged, and that's gonna be painful from what I have been told! :neutral:
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