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New baby book ideas that include breastfeeding and/or home birth

We are expecting baby #2 in March.  Does anyone have any book recommendations for our daughter who is 3 (she will be turning 4 a couple months after that baby is born).  I have found a ton of books, but I am specifically looking for books that show or talk about the baby breastfeeding.  We will also be having a home birth that she will be at home for...any book or dvd recommendations are greatly appreciated!


Re: New baby book ideas that include breastfeeding and/or home birth

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    Congratulations!  I'm a mom of 4 and have had 3 homebirths.  I've honestly never found a great homebirth book because the ones in my midwife's library all talked about the child leaving the home during the event.  I honestly wasn't too considered about explaining breastfeeding- I had 4 kids in 5 1/2 years so they all understood (all were self-weaned prior to the next child being born).  I never covered up around them and most times when I nursed they would bring a book and cuddle up next to us.  It was never an issue.  The next common question I get about homebirth was were my kids in the room and honestly we had an open door policy but my midwife had said that most mothers won't relax enough to give birth until she knows her children are settled in bed/taken care of and for me that was 100% accurate.  I went into labor and had all my kids within 1-3 hours after the kids were tucked it and they never woke up and were just excited in the morning to find a new sibling in bed.  My widwife really encouraged the spouse and siblings to participate during our prenatals and that made them very comfortable.   I can remember being like you and wanting to prepare my child but honestly it really all worked itself out.  Children are such observers and they understand and feel more then you realize.  
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