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Progesterone Shots?

Hello all -

Almost 12 weeks and my OB suggested Makena progesterone shots starting around 16 wks - our first was born early at 35 weeks and 5 days.  We are right on the cusp of needing them I guess. I wondered if anyone had feedback on them.  I've started to do some research and found a few things but so far have the following questions (answer one or any:)): 
1. Have you found this shot to significantly alter your outlook i.e. cause depression or mood swings (worse than you expect in pregnancy of course LOL ).
2. When did you start/when will you stop the shot? How far did you get before going into labor (weeks/days etc.) after taking the shots?
3. Has anyone heard that this shot can cause prolonged labor and extremely slow dilation after you stop taking the shot? I read of people going into labor about 7-10 days after stopping the shot.
4. Have you found the shot to cause significant weight gain?

I've tried to limit the things I take during pregnancy (really I haven't even taken Tylenol) so I'm feeling a bit lost and trying to do my research..  Thanks for any thoughts/guidance you have on this. 


Re: Progesterone Shots?

  • Had to double check which board I was in first. If you look in the high risk boards you will find a lot of information on Makena there.
    Here is my experience with it:
    My first was 34 weeks so my dr put me on Makena.
    1. The shot did not alter my mood at all. I was worried about the depression because it runs in my family but was fine.
    2. I started the shot at 19 weeks and stopped at 36 weeks.
    3. My dr and I joked that the injections worked a little too well because I never dialated nor showed any signs of labor and had a RCS at 39 weeks 2 days.
    4. No I did not notice any excessive weight gain. I am comparing to my first, I gained 45lbs and with the pregnancy on Makena 48lbs.

    Overall I was satisfied with my decision of taking the injections. The only side effect I had was pain in the injection site which is normal. Good luck with your research and decision.
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  • Thank you so much for your kind response. After speaking with the doctor again today I am going to start the shot at 20 weeks and they will check my cervix at my 16 week visit to see where we are. I'm glad to hear you didn't have any mood alterations as I too have depression in my family and was concerned with that.  Thanks again for your honest response! :) Amanda
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  • I had a relatively similar experience as PP. Had DS at 36+6, so they offered me progesterone with DD. Started shots at 16 weeks and continued until 36 weeks.
    1) the only side effect I noticed was intense headaches for two days after the shot for the first five weeks. After that, no more headaches. No depression or anxiety.
    2) like PP, I had a RCS at 39+1, so I didn't go into labor this time.
    3) one of the nurses who regularly gave me my shots said she's had women go into labor while still getting the shots (another preterm baby) and she's had some go a week past their EDD before getting induced. There's no predicting it.
    4) i actually put on more weight with my first pregnancy and he was born two weeks earlier. I put on 27lbs with DS and 22lbs with DD.
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