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Babies: 6 - 9 Months

Milk Allergy

How did you find out? Symptoms? Tests? Still have allergy? What does your child eat? Is it hard?

My child has a possible milk allergy. My husband gave her a taste of vanilla ice cream. The first couple of times she had a stuffy nose thought she was getting sick. Then the last time her face broke out in hives and she was stuffy, watery eyes. Benadryl helped.

The time before this when she was a little younger I tried her on Gerber Supplement. She had one 4oz bottle. Few hours later she had a bumpy rash alllllll over her body.

I really hope she isn't allergic to milk!

Re: Milk Allergy

  • Talk to your pediatrician to find out if this is an allergy or something else.

  • My son has had a severe milk allergy since birth. I breastfed for the first six months, and had to completely cut ALL milk products, and soy (affected him the same) from my diet. It was rough. He would CONSTANTLY cry and scream in pain. For hours and hours. He also had very bloody stools from not being able to break those milk protiens down himself. He is now on elecare since i have stopped breastfeeding. It is an amino acid based formula. ZERO milk proteins and soy in it. It has been a LIFE SAVER! They also make Elecare JR formula for children that can't have milk over the age of 1. I would try that out! It also comes in vanilla flavor! 
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