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Supply drop

I'm posting this here because I feel like it gets more traffic. My daughter recently turned 9 months old and since I've noticed the amount of pumped milk has decreased. I pump 3 times at work and had been pumping once right before bed. My first session was always good, 5-6 oz. Each session after decreases. I wanted to cut out the last session because I was exhausted and not getting very much. Then while she's at school she'll have to BM bottles and 2 formula bottles in addition to her yogurt and lunch. Could cutting out that last session be affecting my supply? I'm now getting 3-4 oz. if I'm lucky and it only gets worse from there. This has been going on for over 2 weeks now. At first I thought my supply dip was due to getting my period but could that still be the cause? I'm trying to drink a ton of water. I have tried the Mothers Milk tea months ago but never noticed a change. Any advice is appreciate.

Re: Supply drop

  • Have you tried the BF'ing board? They are pretty helpful over there.
  • I did. Maybe I posted on a slow day. Got a few responses though. I'm just more active here.
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  • My supply decreased once I started my period. My doctor told me it was normal for supply to decrease with start of period.  I've tried increasing my pumping and water intake but there has been no change in my supply.  
  • Mine decreased with the return of my period but got it back with heaps of breastfeeding, pumping, mothers milk tea, oatmeal and fenugreek.  But, I'm lucky enough to be at home at the moment do have the time to dedicate. 

    This is must be hard for you - just do what you can!
  • Oatmeal always helps me when my milk supply seems to drop: regular oatmeal, oat burgers, oatmeal cookies, etc.
  • Oatmeal, water, fenugreek, and honestly I will drink half a beer or a beer sometimes in the evening and I noticed my milk increases. 
  • Are you pumping 3-4oz per session? That's really a good amount. If you read up on kellymom you'll see you're probably pumping more than most and you likely had an over supply when you were pumping 6oz a session. 

    You can try the supplements and foods mentioned above. You can also rent a hospital grade pump as it's much more efficient. You can try pumping more or even power pumping. 
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