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When did everyone first take their kids to see the Dentist?

Re: Teeth

  • My DD1 at 3yo. She is 3.5yo now and just recently had a regular cleaning.
  • We first took my son when he was 2. My DD just turned 1 and she is going in a few weeks when her brother has a check up.


  • I think it depends on when they got their teeth. We'll probably take DD between 2-2.5. She's 16 months now and is just getting her 6th tooth though. My daycare kiddo is going for the first time in November at 15 months because he has 11 teeth including molars already.
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  • I have been wondering the same question with my first she was 3 but I was told you can take them sooner so im taking my youngest at my oldest childs next check up she will be 15 months.
  • I took my son when he was 1 year old.
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