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High risk due to fibroid

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Hi All,

I'm newly pregnant (first pregnancy) and am considered high risk due to a submucosal fibroid that is distorting my uterus and growing inside. I'm very nervous about miscarrying but am remaining hopeful. Anyone out there have success with this type of issue?

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Re: High risk due to fibroid

  • Congrats!  Do you know why your fibroid makes you high risk?

    I have a half dozen or so, most are submucosal, largest is 8cm.  I didn't know I had them until my 8w dating u/s with my DD.  She was born vaginally at 39 weeks after my water broke - perfectly healthy.  I'm currently 33w with a baby boy and there are no concerns about the fibroids creating any problems (I am high-risk for other reasons).

    The only risk that they caused was the possibility of a c-section if the largest ended up blocking my cervix (it was pressing against it at my anatomy scan with DD), but it ended up being a non-issue.  My fundal height -- tape measurement of stomach -- was always about 4 weeks ahead, but that just meant that I had some late u/s's to make sure baby was growing properly (she was).

    There was also mention that the fibroids could make it more difficult to get pregnant or could affect implantation -- I have had 2 early losses (1st and 3rd pregnancies).  Maybe that is the risk that was mentioned to you?  Once you hit the 7-8w mark, that should be a non-issue.  Hope that helps!
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  • No BTDT but my dr said if I want to TTC Come back in to have them look at my fibroid/cyst situation. My f is on the outside. they want to remove it anyway so it won't cause complications.

    I wish you the best. At least they're watching it!
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  • @TarHeelMomToBe my husband is a huge Tar Heel fan!!! :) Happy to hear that you had a healthy pregnancy even with a submucosal fibroid. My OB said she is referring me to a high risk doctor due to it distorting my uterus and being close to cervix as well (delivery issues). I was actually quite shocked I got referred too being that we haven't even had our first ultrasound. My OB thankfully though is very thorough and checked out my pelvic scan I had six months ago and said she thinks it's best with my beast of a fibroid.

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  • @baby'smom I've heard that the fibroids on the outside have little to do with conception and implantation. It's the ones that grow on the inside that can block Fallopian tubes,etc..

    I'm sending you my prayers for a BFP soon!
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  • @TarHeelMomToBe PS - I have one more week till I hit week seven. I'm praying for the best. I can't thank you enough for your detailed experience, it's very encouraging!
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    Oops! Didn't mean to post here. I have p gal brain
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