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10 week old won't sleep at night...am I the only one?

Everyone seems to have report of baby sleeping in 2, 3, 4 or even 10 hour stretches at this point. My baby won't sleep at night and I've literally tried EVERYTHING. By everything I mean not letting her nap during the day, feeding a bottle of formula (I EBF), putting her to bed earlier, putting her to bed later, propping her up, swaddling arms in and arms out, reading a book, bathing, using her swing, I mean I've tried it all. She will sleep during the day if I allow it...maybe a good 3 hour nap. But at nightime, WIDE AWAKE even when it's quiet and the lights are dim. I am at my wits end. I would felt better even knowing if I am not alone but the biggest complaint I see at this point is from mom's claiming their baby wakes up too often. I'd kill for that if it meant she was sleeping at all. At this point...does it still get better?

Re: 10 week old won't sleep at night...am I the only one?

  • Oh, and I am not a coffee drinker so caffeine isn't the issue. She is also fine sleeping in different positions...just not at night! No position works at night!
  • What do her naps look like during the day? Her awake times are how long?
    What time does she go to sleep and where/what room (with you or nursery)
    You are NOT the only one trust me. I was there a few weeks back and sometimes they just hit a growth spurt or a wonder week or whatever and they often don't see or are fussy eaters.
    Is she crying/fussy all night or just up and playing ?
    Try your best to get her to nap during the day but avoid naps longer then 3 hours at a time. Sleep begets sleep.
    I hope this gets better for you soon! My started sleeping a little better lately but I know it could only be temporary!
    Sleep is just so volatile at this stage ... Ugh
  • Let them sleep as much as they want during the day! It's not healthy to limit sleep. They sleep better at night when they nap better. If you have been waking her a lot it may take some time for her to find a schedule after you stop. You shouldn't ever keep a baby up during the day. The bump even talks about what terrible advice this is. If you need it I'd be happy to link to some articles about it.
  • I agree with the day napping advice. We don't have a schedule as far as times per day- but LO is 10 weeks and he does wake, eat, play nap pattern. Usually he's up for 1-2 1/2 hours then naps til his next feeding. He also is going through a fussy at night phase but I can get 3-4 hours of sleep at a time for him. It does improve so just try to get sleep when you can and try not to go to crazy! It can be really frustrating. Also, at night if your LO is crying/ fussy that's hard, but if he's just awake and playing try encourage him to sleep on his own by leaving him for a bit. Good luck
  • She does cry all night, but it is a whiny talky cry, I can tell she's in no pain or discomfort. She's fed, changed, burped, and craving more attention. I keep the nighttime stuff boring (I'm so cranky during that time it's pretty easy). During the day she may do one 3 hour nap and maybe a couple power naps. @LaurenBee24 Can you please send me that link? You'd be amazed at how conflicting all the "scholarly" articles of advice are on the internet.
  • Do you use a white noise app or machine? My 12 week old doesn't always want to sleep, but I can lay her down with the white noise app and she will lay quietly. It also helps me by drowning out her noises so I can atleast sleep! I use an app on my phone because the sleep sheep isn't loud enough for her. I also find that the more she sleeps in the day the better she sleeps at night, so agree with pp to let her sleep in the day!
  • Id let her sleep in the day. Try and make day time fun and exciting and at night don't take her out of her room. Keep lights low and don't talk to her.
    Has she always been like this? Or just recently?
  • http://m.kidshealth.org/parent/growth/sleep/naps.html

    I will find some more later when I'm home. Doing things on the phone can be a struggle. She may be too tired to sleep well. Also, keep in mind that too little sleep is bad for brain development.
  • She's always been a bad nighttime sleeper, but she was normal for a newborn. It hasn't really gotten better and by 9.5 weeks I was pretty sure it shouldve have at least a little bit. Even waking every 2 hours would be fine with me if at least there was some nighttime sleeping going on. Thanks @LaurenBee24 I'll check out that article.
  • I follow moms on call schedule loosely since she was 7 weeks now she is 11 weeks and has been sleeping through the night since 8 weeks.
    The book says don't let them sleep more than 2 hours each 3 hour cycle. So pretty much wake, feed, awake time for an hour to an hour and a half and put them to sleep. Awake time includes from the moment they wake up. So let's say baby wakes at 7am, eats from 7:15-7:35 and keep them awake until 8:30 or less if they get fussy, they say to lay the baby down but do whatever you do that helps baby fall asleep. My baby does 30 minute power naps but until her next feed I make sure she gets extra sleep. The cycle as unpredictable as it as at times works for her nighttime sleep. Hope this helps.
  • Ive been doing so much research on sleep and so much if it contradicts itself. This funny blog on sleep made me feel a little better.

  • I'm living this right now! Any advice that got you through it? I'm so drained. 
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