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Fitbit is crazy

Ok so I got my Fitbit Charge HR last night and have it hooked up. It's making me crazy because I don't think it's accurate at all. I didn't exercise today and I didn't leave my house. It says I walked 11,00+ steps already. With my old jawbone UP I would have been at half of that which seems more accurate. Plus from when I got out of shower to when I was done blow drying my hair and doing make up it said I walked 400 steps which is crazy. Is it picking up my arm movement? And is there a way to calibrate it? Also when I look back to calories it says I burned 1435 calories everyday for months back - even on day of LO birth!?! I was so excited and going to link up with you ladies but now I'm so frustrated and debating returning it. Did anyone else have these issues?

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    I don't have one but I do know there is a lawsuit against them because of the heart rate monitor. A woman was working out with her personal trainer and the FitBit said her heart rate was 82 when in fact it was 160. I guess there have been a lot of complaints about how inaccurate it is.
  • There are settings you can adjust in the app such as whether or not it's on your dominant wrist and the sensitivity. It may be on the sensitive setting and you need to change it to "normal." As far as the calories go, it automatically says you've burned 1400 cal/day because I think that's the standard amount you burn every day regardless of your activity.
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  • It does go by your arm movement. I've noticed mine count "steps" while I dry my hair also. I also caught that if I'm standing and bouncing LO it will count that as steps as well, so it's not the most accurate.
  • Like PP said, check your settings. It may need to be changed to your Non Dominant hand. I had the Flex for about a year and a half and felt it was pretty accurate with walking because I'd use it in tandem with the GPS feature to walk a known 4 mile route. I got the HR for Christmas and am constantly checking it for accuracy. Is say its pretty true to my walking in circles for 7 hrs in my classroom and walking after work. The sleep data has missed a couple times (I was watching a movie and didn't move so it thought I was asleep) but I haven't pushed my heart rate enough to manually check and calibrate it with the device. I'm ok with the error because it motivates me to move my butt, which is exactly what I need.
  • My friend said when she burps her son or pats his butt to get him to sleep, it will count all of it! Ha! She found it funny.
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