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Dog Eating My Underwear!!

We have a 4 year old dog, who chewed on everything, including underwear when she was a puppy. However, we thought she had gotten out of that stage since she hadn't done it for so long! Now that I'm pregnant, there's been 3 nights this week when after I've gotten out of the shower, my underwear are dug out of the clothes basket in the bedroom and soaking wet with dog slobber!!

Do you think its something with a new/different scent in pregnancy that makes her start this again? 

Re: Dog Eating My Underwear!!

  • They might just smell like you a lot atm. My dog went through a "pull all the soles out of shoes" phase, vet said it was because they smelled like us. Hide your undies.

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  • My dog has always loved to lick/eat our underwear. Dogs are pervs. I limit the damage by putting the hamper in a corner and it's just hard enough to get to that the dog leaves it be. If my undies don't make it into the hamper, then shame on me.
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  • Possibly TMI, and also lurking from the June bmb- When I was a teenager my dog would get ahold of my panties if there was an excessive amount of "stuff" on them, like, post sexy time "stuff". He never seemed to bother with my underwear unless it was *specifically* a pair I had worn after... activities. So it's possible there is some sort of pregnancy scent/discharge on your underwear that your dog is into, cause like PP said, dogs are pervs.

  • Dogs are gross. Get a lid that snaps on.

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  • My dog always finds a way to eat my panties that I wore after having sex. She would also eat my husbands. I never understand why she does it but she does. We try to remember to make sure we put our underwear towards the bottom of the bin. 
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  • panic at the disco janet jackson nasty miss jackson

    j/k my dog loves underwear...

  • I stopped trusting my dog with my undies or the shorts I wear to bed after she destroyed half my underwear as a pup 9 years ago. I hide them at the top of my closet until laundry day. And I just realized how ridiculous that is since she is a Corgi and can't even reach the hamper with her short self.
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    My male dog loves underwear and socks. Bonus if they are my husband's boot socks that have been in the field with him for about a week. He doesn't eat them, but he wants to carry them around all of the time.

  • My dog does the same thing, and possibly tmi, she aggressively licks the dry sexy time left overs that maybe on the bed....

  • Ew. My dog doesn't do any of that. I think it's probably because he's too lazy but he's saved me the gagging of discovering those messes.
  • Lol! My dog is so gross that if you leave the door even the slightest bit cracked he'd push his way in and try to eat your underwear while you're still wearing them if you're on the toilet. I would have to shoe his gross self away! But if they were left unattended, he would get them and chew them to bits. I lost a few cute pairs that way. Evil dog, he's always done that since he's been a tiny puppy.
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  • POSSIBLE TMI!! Proceed with caution:

    I spoke too soon. Today I looked outside to let my dog back in and he carried in a piece of poop and ate it. It was terriblr and I was so mortified that I just say there and gagged. Now every time I look at him I call him a nasty poop eater.
  • msuzannah said:

    POSSIBLE TMI!! Proceed with caution:

    I spoke too soon. Today I looked outside to let my dog back in and he carried in a piece of poop and ate it. It was terriblr and I was so mortified that I just say there and gagged. Now every time I look at him I call him a nasty poop eater.

    Sometimes dogs eat poop for weird reasons. To stop my old one from doing it we put meat tenderizer on her food. It changes the way her poop tasted and she stopped completely!

    Dogs are just weird animals.
  • The first time I slept over DH's house when we were dating, his dog ate my underwear. DH is from Ireland, so he said, "the dog has your knickers." (Bad news sounds better with an Irish accent.) Also, my friend's dog used to eat her other dog's poop and she read somewhere that putting hot sauce on it would break the habit. Instead, the dog starting eating it straight from the other dog's butt. ...Dogs are super gross.
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