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Hey Everyone! Happy New Year to you! May it be filled with many blessings and great moments/memories!

As the title reads my baby girl was diagnosed with Torticollis. She has her second physical therapy appointment today. There was a few weeks break in between her first due to the holidays. The exercises seem to help alittle so far since we caught it fairly early. LO is 3 months old now.
However, I feel terrible doing the exercises. She screams bloody murder the whole time. A pain cry, not just a fussy cry. Tears streaming down. I hate it. I absolutely can't stand it. I feel like I'm hurting her. I keep telling myself that it has to be done to help her, but my heart breaks. I feel like a terrible mother. I will talk to physical therapist more about it today. Tummy time is also a struggle. Crying whole time. I've tried toys, lights, laying her on my chest which makes her happy for a few seconds until the neck starts bothering her.

Any advice? Anyone struggling with this too?

My Husband and I feel the torticolis is from her delivery. No one caught her. She fell onto the delivery bed with no doctors or nurses in the room. 8in to 12 in drop. May be contacting a lawyer on this one.

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  • So sorry to hear about your birth experience! I'm a physical therapist, and while I do not work in pediatrics, if I remember correctly, the therapy/exercises shouldn't be painful. It should be more encouraging them to play in the direction they need to move their neck. Hope the PT today helps to answer your questions!
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  • First off I'm not an expert but I doubt the torticollis is from the delivery. Torticollis is usually from how the baby was positioned in the womb. I'd file a complaint with the hospital but I don't think the torticollis was from that.

    Both of my kids had torticollis but only my second child needed intervention. DD started PT when she was 4 weeks old and it lasted through 4 months old. She also screamed bloody murder when I did her stretches. It's not comfortable for them but I doubt it's as painful as her cries make it seem. You are stretching out that tight neck muscle and putting them in a position they don't like so of course your baby is going to be pissed.

    Despite the PT, my daughter still needed a helmet for 3 months due to her misshapen head but keep up with the PT because that alone works wonders. Good luck!

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  • We are also on the Torticollis train.  Some days my LO screams bloody murder and sometimes he seems fine when we do the stretches.  I find doing them when he's happy helps.  We sing lullabies for each stretch and play and snuggle between.  We have been doing them for 6 weeks now and I have noticed a huge difference.  I always put him in his bassinet so that face me is the way we would stretch him (so he's facing to the right).  Anytime he's in his bouncer or swing we make sure we are to the right and in his car seat I put this sun thing that flashes and plays music to the right as well. He will even position his head that way for a bit while sleeping on my chest now.  Be adamant and keep it up momma!
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  • We are also dealing with it, and it doesn't seem ours is as bad as yours, but I hope you get it worked out!
  • Thanks for all the advice and feed back. I talked the the therapist and she clarified a few things. Told me if she's anticipating the stretch and fighting me to stop stretching at that point because im only strenching the wrong side. I went and got a few more different toys. And she showed me a few other techniques that I can try. We both saw a very good improvement from 2 weeks ago. Amazingly last night when I went to put her to bed...she turned her head while i was holding her over my shoulder...ahhhhhhhhhh what an awesome moment...all smiles and no crying...just alittle wobbly...and she did it again this morning when I got her up. Happy dance moment!
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    Ours doesn't cry during stretches. If they fight the stretch you are actually strengthening them the wrong way.

    Since baby discovered the toys above, directed by pt, tummy time isn't as popular!

    Ours has congenital torticollis. From being squished in the womb by a mom not drinking enough water & drugging the baby so that it was too out of it to move. Several of her babies have been born with torticollis. I don't think it was the drop!
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