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Discrimination & FMLA

I've been having issues with my supervisor not wanting to approve days off for my prenatal appointments so I've been getting penalized for missing days that's with bring in an excise from my OB. I haven't had many complications with my pregnancy but of course I am one of those expecting moms that has had morning sickness almost my entire pregnancy & I'm at the point where potty breaks are needed but my supervisor is having an issue with me getting up to use the potty. Does anybody have any recommendations as to what I can do about this? HR isn't even helping

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  • Hi there, I am working with the ACLU, a non-profit legal services organization, to help pregnant women like yourself in such matters free of charge. If you're interested in speaking with us, please contact me at [email protected]
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  • @PregnancyDiscrimLawyer would you also know about the laws in TX? My HR told me (via Staff Council) that they are banned from providing paid maternity leave by the state. I work for a public university. From what I can see it is not REQUIRED they provide it but the law doesn't prevent them from providing it.
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