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Daycare policy?

We found a daycare we like, it's at the top end of the price scale for the area at $300/week. They only do full time, which I've heard other places do but you also pay if you go on vacation. I suppose it won't make a difference ultimately since it's the only place we've liked but is that pretty standard that you'd pay for a week your LO is gone for?

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  • Yes, that is standard.  You basically pay year round, full-time even if you are on vacation, if you want them to save the spot for you while you are gone.
  • Yes, that is standard.  You basically pay year round, full-time even if you are on vacation, if you want them to save the spot for you while you are gone.

    • This. I don't love that we have to pay when we go on vacation, especially because I work in a school system so I have long breaks like our upcoming Christmas break. We will essentially be paying for the two weeks that we will be traveling. But when DS is school aged he will most likely be in private school so I just tell myself that this is helping us to get ready to budget for his inevitable tuition. 

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    It's pretty standard. However my daughter attends an in home now, and we don't pay for my babysitter's vacation days. I love my babysitter and I wouldn't mind paying it, but she has never taken any since my daughter has been there (two years). I also work for the school district and I only pay half a deposit for the summer when I was off previously (I now work year round). 
  • My daughters' daycare center lets you only pay half the tuition for full weeks of vacation if you give them 2 weeks advance notice.


  • I think it depends on the policy and the center. My home daycare only charges on a per day basis. But I also live in a rural area. I only pay $25 per day. I like my home daycare. It's given our provider a chance to really focus on our daughter. The provider doesn't change when the teacher changes (happens pretty often at centers around here) .
    But to answer your question, when I was researching childcare, the established centers around here do have similar policies about paying when the child is out. The best centers have long waiting lists and they can't really afford to pay the teacher and other staff for weeks when your child isn't there.
  • I think that is pretty standard. Centers around us charge between $275-$300 per week. We opted to use a home daycare years ago for DS1 and DS2 will be going to the same place because of the high cost. We only pay $165 per week where we are currently. I like the in-home environment much better than a center personally--but I think you have to find the right place. Centers around us still charge you whether your child is there or not. Our in-home gives us 10 days per year and if you don't use them, they accrue year to year that we can use as vacation days. She also doesn't charge us for the few vacation days she is closed during the year. We plan our vacations around when she is closed for the few long weekends during the summer to maximize our finances. I know some centers will let you pull your child out for weeks at a time with a two week notice, but your spot isn't guaranteed to be there when you come back and you have to pay the registration fee all over again to enroll them. 
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  • My daycare offers 2 weeks of unpaid vacation time. But they can do whatever they want. 
    My center actually offers part time care, which is rare for infants. My son goes 3-4 days a week depending on Grandma. They tried making me pay for a full week the week of Christmas, they weren't open Christmas Eve or Day, i told them to bite it, he's part time. You're kind of at their mercy, I'd shop around for places with more flexibility, and a lower price personally, but if you can afford it, go for it!
  • Update is that I finally found a clean center that does part-time. I get that the other wants to guarantee teachers 40 hrs/week so only does full time but I couldn't see paying $300/week when he's only going 2 days/week (grandma wants to watch him the other days).

    Apparently I'm in the wrong business, the money is in running a daycare. One that does FT enrollment only.
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