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Are there any other home birth mamas in our group? 

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Re: Home Birth Mamas

  • I'm aiming for a home birth this time. I had my daughter at a hospital, and had a wonderful experience, my hospital was amazing and respected all my wishes. But there was nothing they did there that I can't do at home :) I'm excited. I haven't met the midwife I want to use yet though.
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    While I can't do a home birth because I live too far from a hospital, I will be using midwives again for another unmedicated  birth. Last time I was at a birth center, this time, my insurance covers me to get care from the nurse midwives at a birth center connected to a hospital. (Edit: My phone autocorrected unmedicated to uneducated.... SMH) haha
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  • I had a home birth with an amazing midwife and I could not have asked for a better birth story. I honestly loved delivery. It was the most empowering and invigorating, while draining day of my life. I can't wait to have another child at home with my midwife. She is absolutely amazing!
  • Yes! I'll be planning to birth at home. I had my daughter at home with a certified nurse midwife, and it was a wonderful experience. I'll happily return to the same team of midwives this time around.
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  • You ladies are inspiring!  I would be too scared something would go wrong...but I not-so-secretly envy your experiences. 
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  • I had a home birth with my second and it was incredible.  I'm going for round two with baby 3. 

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  • I'd like to!! Meeting w midwife next week to discuss options
  • Midwife and birth center for us. Thought about a home birth though.
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  • Ladies, I envy your bravery! There is no birth center near us, and I'm too chicken to do a home birth. I do plan to go unmedicated and discuss this up front with my OBs.
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  • I am looking into a birth center, or the nearest hospital, but I will also have a plan in place for a homebirth. It is over an hour to the nearest medical facility, and there is a midwife five minutes from me.

    The game plan will absolutely be to get to the hospital, with the midwife - if there is time. My brother was born in two hours, with no warning, and one push -  which I know isn'tthe norm, but I want to have a "what if" plan. Honestly, the best case would be if I were to go into labor at work, it's only half an hour to the hospital. As much as I hope that doesn't happen - it would likely be for the best!

  • I have had a hospital birth, a birth center birth and a home birth. I would prefer a home birth with this baby also, but depending on my living situation, I may end up going with the birth center again instead.
  • I finally found my team this week! I felt amazing in their cottage where they do appts, their fee is doable, the kids were comfortable and even were hugging them goodbye by the end. I cannot wait! 

    My second birth (hospital) was slightly traumatizing for me. All my complications were from interventions. And I just SO do not want to constantly advocate for myself this time. 

    Baby O born 7/17/12

    Baby T born 7/12/14
    Baby3 due 8/4/16
  • This will be home birth #3 for me! We have had amazing experiences with our last 2 and I honestly cannot wait to do it again!
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  • I really want to, but DH isn't on board and my BP is already borderline and I have a history of mild pre e/hypertension at the tail end of pregnancy.  So I'm focusing in on eating as healthy as possible and using a CNM this time at a hospital.  Maybe next time if I get my BP under control.
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  • Hi,
    I am a Homebirth Mama :) . But I am due in September, can I join in anyway?
    I am a New Zealander, living in rural Canterbury New Zealand, more than an hour from a base hospital.  I had my second at home in water when I live in a city (minutes from a hospital).
    I want to deliver in water at home again but I am now wondering if the distance will play a part in my midwife's decision on whether she has me again as a client.
    I don't want another midwife but I definitely want another water and home birth 
  • I'm planning  a home water birth. There are no birth centers where I live, otherwise for my first I'd probably opt for birth center. I don't know yet if I'm considered high risk because of lyme....but we'll see.
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    It's been a long road- Let's just say that! 
  • My sister had a home water birth and loved it. I really trust my dr and he's only about 20 minutes away. I'll be doing a hospital birth. But this time round I will refuse pitocin unless 100% necessary. That stuff made my labor go from super fast and bearable to the speed of light and totally unbearable and then I got an epidural (which I don't judge or regret but I wanted to try without or see how long I could go at least).
  • Hi, Ladies :)
    Hoping to try for a home birth, this time. With my daughter, I had to be induced at the hospital and it was a horrible experience. 3 years later I had a wonderful birth with my Son, in a birthing pool at the hospital, no medication and no intervention. Hoping to hire a pool for home, this time around :-) my hospital is literally 5 minutes down the road. Fingers crossed baby cooperates ;-)
  • I am planning a home birth. I was a little anxious about it at first but the midwife made me feel comfortable and we literally live right across the street from the hospital so that's a big factor.
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