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I'm a part of a mom's group for my first baby on social media. I'd love to join another - it is usually more active than on the discussion boards. Does anyone know of one or would anyone want to be in one?

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  • fishwife799fishwife799
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    I'm waiting. With my last bmb we didn't make the switch over until our babies were about 3 months old. People are welcome to do as they want but I will not be joining one for quite some time.

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  • It sounds nice as pp said around 3rd tri /delivery.
  • I'm waiting it out a bit too.

    If you set one up yourself, I am sure you will get a few takers. I won't be one of them though...
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  • My last bmb had an en early breakout to fb and then a later one. The early one is by far better and more close knit. Id join

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  • I would join too :)  As long as its a private group and no one can see what is posted but members I have no issue!
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  • I would join too if it's private. I'm more of a lurker on here because I only check the site every 3-4 weeks. I'm on FB every day.
  • I probably wouldn't join. I kind of like that this is a separate world
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  • @Daenaria86 I say start a group. People can join in when/if they are comfortable. 
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  • I would join. My BMB from March 2013 started when we were all toward the beginning of our 2nd trimester, and it's been great. It has whittled down some, but we are all really close now.

  • I would also join. Not too thrilled with the mobile experience of this app. Also some of my closest mom friends are women I met in real life through meetup so I like the realness expect. Disclosure- I work for a big social media company but I'm not advertising for my employer, this is my personal point of view.
  • I would probably join. FB is much easier to keep up with than the bump so I end up just lurking

  • I might join much later on, but probably only if it's organized by a board reg.
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  • I would join because FB is much easier and it can develop more of a closeness. I am still in my 2009 Due in December group!! It's on FB and it's great!!

    So, if you create it I'd join especially because this app isn't the most user friendly so I rarely post. :)
  • I can create a group if there is interest, I'm an admin for a few other groups as well ;)

  • Well, I went ahead and created a group :) It is secret right now so if you want to join, no one will know!  To be added, private message me or add your email here and I will add it to the group!  I am also going to create a file so you can add your name on here, due date, etc!

  • What the heck, I'm in;)
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  • @BlackAndGold09 can you be in charge of keeping an eye out for people who want to join later, like third tri or after baby? That way we could have one group regardless of when people want to join.
  • I'm sorry I didn't search for earlier postings. I'm usually not on this site very much. I absolutely understand and respect those who would rather wait and join later in pregnancy. 
  • I'm in some from my other bmb's and love them. It's easier to get to know people and I am on fb way more often than here.
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  • I'm in! I think it will be way more active and we'll get to know each other more!
  • I'm rarely on this site or post. So I'd be up to it since I'm on fb more
  • I agree I am on FB way more than here. I tend to forget about this site. I'd love to be added. :smile: 

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  • Anyone who would like to be added, pm me your email or drop it here!  We currently have 44 members and 22 more invited!

  • I realized I didn't put my email in my first response, yikes pregnancy brain! [email protected]
  • oh shoot i forgot my email on this one. I posted on that other thread. it's [email protected] 

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  • I'm in a group for my first and 3 years later we are still super close. We have been through a lot together including crazy lurkers. But we've also been through the birth of our babies, and kiddos growing into wild toddlers. It's great! I would join a group now. We started the group super early and made pretty striked rules which weeded out a lot of people. There are 80 of us now.
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