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Nanny responsibilities/Expectations


I wanted to hear from others what are some responsibilities you have your nanny do for your child and home. When we hired our nanny our goal was for her to provide safe care to our child and help develop her cognitive skills. She's been with my daughter almost for a year, (since she was 1 years old). In the begining we didn't really find any fault with her, no issues with feeding or care. Now that my daughter is older, my daughter wants more attention and time to help her learn day to day toddler skills and play. I've asked my nanny to read to her and play games to help her learn colors and animals and songs, help her eat on her own, using a fork and spoon, and potty train her. Nothing too crazy. Recently my daughter has been petrified of eating, so I wanted to see maybe something happened while I wasn't home with the nanny so I watched the drop cam. I noticed that my nanny kind of force feeds my baby instead of showing her how to use utensils and is constantly on her phone either talking to her family or watching movies on my iPad, while my daughter is awake. Is this common? I wanted to see if I am overreacting. I know I probably should have watched the dropcam daily to see how they interact but I trusted her and thought everything was fine. But now that I am seeing this I am very upset that I am basically paying for her to come over and be on her phone. What do your nannies do? Do they interact with your child the entire time while they are awake, or are you guys ok with them being on their phones? 

Re: Nanny responsibilities/Expectations

  • We had a nanny with DD while I was still working. My husband owns his own business so it was normal for him to drop in from time to time. It was a normal thing for her to be on her phone. I had an issue with the amount of time she spent on it. I totally get having it and I wanted her to communicate with me, but constantly....nope. I talked to her about it and it seemed to help.

    My opinion is that you have hires this person to take care of your child while you are not home. She should do things as you would. Talk to her, let her know your expectations, but in a nice way to begin with. None of the things you asked for are out of line or asking too much. Be prepared for anything though. I had an issue with one of our nannies wanting to drive my child around. That was a problem. When I talked to her, she decided not to come back because that meant she had to stay at my house while I worked. I was clear about it when I hired her though.

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