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What else do I need for when LO comes home?

I'm a FTM just wanting some advice of items I need when LO comes home for the first few months. We have the following:
Change table
Car seat
Clothing in 0-3 month size
Cot sheets
room/bath thermometer
night lights
face washers
Nappies/ nappy wipes

Re: What else do I need for when LO comes home?

  • Babies sleep well with white noise or a fan going. Something so the room isn't super quiet.

    I don't know what some of the things are on your list but what about some bottles? Those are handy even if you  breastfeed.

    The rest sounds good. You'll find you don't really need that much for the baby.

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  • I love having the boppy pillow. It helps to not break your back if you are BF and if bottle feeding it helps to prop the baby up a little so they don't choke with too fast a flow.
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  • If you're breastfeeding, you may need to rent a hospital grade pump. It's good to go ahead and at least have one available for the first few weeks to either help your milk supply come in or to help you get some relief if you become engorged. I learned the hard way that it's a lot easier to have one already there with you in case you need it so you don't have to go hunt one down in the middle of trying to figure out your new life..

    I also would maybe recommend getting a wrap like the moby wrap, it helped my reflux baby nap during the day for the first few weeks.

    I also love the Boon Lawn Drying Rack we got for all the millions of tiny things that we have found ourselves washing for our little one. I've actually been surprised how much we use it!

    Most importantly, just relax and go with the flow when little one gets here! It's truly impossible to plan for everything haha, and also impossible to anticipate how much you will be in love with him or her! It's amazing! Good luck! :)
  • We just had twin boys and I extensively researched products before they were born. There are so many amazing products on my must-have list. I actually just wrote up a list of my favorites in each category for some of my friends who are also expecting. Enjoy! https://www.theydontfeedthemselves.com/newborn-twin-baby-product-must-haves/


    My favorite activities and tips for surviving different phases with our twins!

  • your list looks pretty good. You might also ant to think about anything you might need: nipple ointment if BF, comfy underwear and nursing tops maternity pads etc etc
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    Newborn size clothes (even if baby is big. my baby is 8weeks and is just now fitting in 0-3 )

    Sleep sacks (love these for night time)

    If your breastfeeding I recommend the Arm's Reach co-sleeper and a body pillow , it makes night time feedings easier.

  • Pacifier, breast pads, breast ointment, boppy, video baby Monitor
  • I didn't think about the clothes I would need to make nursing easier and as a result I'm stuck wearing the same few things over and over! It makes going out pretty hard. Definitely get some ointment for your nipples. Lanolin is helpful when taking a shower so the water doesn't hurt when it pelts you in the boobs! Have tons of receiving blankets and burp cloths and things like that to soak up spilled milk and spit up!
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