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Cholestasis (ICP)

So sorry if there's already a post on this, I can't seem to figure out how to search across all boards..

Is anyone a repeat ICP Mama? I delivered at 35 weeks due to ICP in 2014, and am now pregnant with my 2nd! Has anyone found any good "plan of action" other than the one listed on

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    I've had it in 4 pregnancies now. I wasn't tested for it until into the 37th week with my first. I was induced immediately with my first. My second and third, they caught it at the end of my second trimesters and I was on actigall and went in for NSTs 3 times a week until babies came. My second came on his own at 37w5d and my third was induced at 37w (he had other complications, otherwise my Dr would have liked to have waited a little longer). With my fourth I had mild itching and my Dr. kept a close eye, but I never had labs requiring medication so it was to both our surprise that at 38w my labs were suddenly critically high. I was induced immediately with my fourth.

    I don't really know of any other plan than wait and see and medicate and monitor and try to get to 37 weeks.
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  • Hey there, I had ICP with my second son and had to deliver him at 34 weeks because of it (10 days in NICU). I am now pregnant with our third and would really love to hear more from repeat ICP moms as well. Thanks for posting this!
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  • I had it with my first son and also delivered at 34 weeks. This baby was kind of a surprise and one of the only reasons I tested is because my fingers were feeling itchy :( my dr started me on urso around 7 weeks just based off history, my levels were 6.7 when we checked them then. I haven't been super itchy until lately (it hit around 16 weeks.. Will be 18 on Tuesday) and she is going to test me again this week or next. I'm honestly waiting for my 2016 insurance to kick in so it will apply for my deductible since I'm already on urso. I don't think there's much you can do to really "prevent" it unfortunately. I know a couple of people on the Facebook group (ICP/itchy moms) have talked about changing up their diet but I'm not sure if it helps tons or not.
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    There is some promising research showing significant decrease of liver enzymes using a combination of Urso and Nimfedipine that I am finding interesting. The research is very new but I was planning on bringing this up with my doctor if ICP hits early again... Unfortunately Urso did zero for me last time around so I am worried...

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  • The urso does absolutely nothing for my itching but it does help keep my levels down some I think. The nimfedipine is interesting! I was on procardia at 9 weeks with this pregnancy for high blood pressure and actually started to get worse (blood pressure symptoms, not ICP symptoms). I had to switch to labetalol at 14 weeks. I'm also hypothyroid and my dr has recently mentioned low dose naltrexone. She said it has been proven to help people with autoimmune disorders and might also help with the ICP since there is obviously something going on with my body. I've been a little nervous to take it, but have been researching it lately and really considering it. She said she has one other patient that has hypothyroid and ICP and she is taking it right now to see if it helps her.
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