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So I was told by a family member to try Lactiful because my breast milk production is low. I just ordered it but now I feel like I should have asked other people first. They have a money back guarantee but still, just curious. Has anyone heard of it? Tried it? Did it work? Do you produce a large amount, enough to freeze? If not, what was the difference?

Thanks everyone!

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  • I've never tried anything like that, just water, oatmeal, pumping and stuff like that.
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  • Jeeze... that stuff is expensive. I hadn't heard of it, so I just looked it up. It hurt my feelings a little bit LOL

    Let us know if it works!
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  • I'm not sure about lactiful but my LC reccommended go-lacta for my milk supply while my preemie was in the NICU and it seemed to work. I have a freezer full of milk, I actually had to go buy a chest freezer today so we could have room in our freezer for food for ourselves.
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