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How long should I nurse with very little milk?

I have an 11 weeks old baby girl. I had this huge imagination while I was pregnant. I was going to pump tons and tons of milk, use it to make her baby food, have so much milk in storage we had to go buy a new freezer and still have to donate some to have enough room! But sadly, I have tried and tried and tried to nurse but my milk just never really came in. I have tried supplements, (fenugreek, motherlove plus) power pumping, drank my weight in water, buying lactation cookies online and making my own,talking to two lactation consultants and my Dr and have come to the conclusion that it just isn't going to happen.. When I pump, I get maybe 2-3 drops from each side.. But I still nurse. I know that she's probably getting a few drops more than when I pump. My husband doesn't say anything but I can tell it irritates him that I'm still trying with no success. I just keep telling myself every drop counts (literally-drops) The idea of just giving up is truly devastating to me even if she isn't getting anything because I feel like I'm giving up on doing the best thing for her. I thought maybe if I bf longer than usual it may still make a difference. It is really starting to feel like I'm declining mentally.. So I guess my questions are: Is it normal to still desperately try even though I know she's getting almost nothing? When should I stop trying to nurse?

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  • I have the same issues. We are feeding formula (had to or baby would starve!) but I am still nursing before or after a feed and am pumping to try and maintain what little I have. I am firmly in the camp of "some is better than none" but am also trying not to drive myself crazy. My husband has been supportive of my efforts (fenugreek, lactation consultants, supplementing on the breast) and ultimately I know: 1) my baby is being fed; and 2) I get bonding time with her; 3) and daddy gets bonding time with her too. Is it what I envisioned? Not at all. Is it beyond my control? Absolutely. But I can still do what I can to get her some breast milk each day- I have read that even teaspoons can have benefits on their stomach bacteria, etc. you go mama!
  • Just wanted to update. I'm still breastfeeding and went to the lactation consultant for a follow up. Feeding him by breast 3 times a day has kept my supply at about 10 ml per feeding which made me happy because I figured it would go down but it's where it was before.

    I feed him in the morning when we get up, before his long afternoon nap and before bed as part of our routine. If he's fussy for no reason I may also BF just to calm him down.

    It works for us. The consultant was actually surprised I'm still BFing. It had been about 6 weeks since our last consult and she said most people stop when they have low supply like that. I'm glad we still BF for the bonding.
  • It's completely up to you. It's a personal decision that no one can make for you.

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