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Getting Baby to Sleep Alone - Advice needed!!!!

My son is 10 weeks old. He has been sleeping with me since he was 3 weeks old. He would wail and cry if he wasn't being held and would not stay asleep in his crib, bassinet or pack and play. We rock him to sleep then would lay him down and he instantly wakes up within minutes. We even attempted swaddling which helps some, but not enough to ensure that his sleep goes uninterrupted. I don't mind him sleeping with me, however, it has always made me a bit nervous. Unfortunately though, he only sleeps in his swing or in our arms. I want to transition him to his own sleep space and would like some advice. Have any other moms experienced this? Thanks!

Re: Getting Baby to Sleep Alone - Advice needed!!!!

  • I'd look at the website precious little sleep. It helped us transition.
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    Maybe a cosleeper like the arms reach?

    Eta if you Cosleep, make sure to research how to do it safely.
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  • Try a RnP, it cradles them, worked for my LO
  • We used a cosleeper attached to the bed. My kids bedshare (still). Sometimes the kid just has a temperament that requires being close to caregivers. There is nothing wrong with that, IMHO. Its strictly a western ideal that children be forced to bed-down alone or that it is a requirement for "good" parenting.

    I know some kids that refused to bed share and required their own crib-- I say follow the baby's lead about what they need vs. what you want. That's my philosophy anyway.

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  • Since nobody has mentioned it: try putting a heating pad on whatever surface you plan to have him sleep on. Let it pre-heat the surface, remove it, then put LO in. The warmth helps since he's used to being snuggled up warm.
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