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Eating.... :/

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...what to eat when nothing looks or sounds good?


  • Have you tried unisom and B6?

    Can you eat toast or something bland?

    Call your nurse's line if you can't keep anything down.
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  • I still have horrible food aversions at 14wd. I barely eat protein because I can't do meat right now....and that's so not me! Diclegis helps with my nausea but not the general food aversions. If at any point something sounds good, I eat it. Thats my only advice.
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    If you can take your vitamins and get calcium (even thru tums) then I'd probably go with what you can in the moment. If you can't stomach the vitamin, my doc said to try to eat veggies - yuck. I can only do them covered in cheese, or in an omelette. Also, maybe your aversions and nausea is worse at one time of day than another. For me, evening is the worst. So, I get most of my carbs, protein and veggies in when it's easiest, during lunch. Good luck.
  • I can't stomach meat much either so I get the majority of my protein through beans and veggies that are high in protein (16 wks still have food aversions). If you can snack on some cold kidney beans that will help. I also do drinkable blackberry yogurt and ensure if I'm really struggling. Try not to worry about it much and eat what you can supplementing with vitamins. :)
  • I am having the same issues- and my biggest problem right now is protein.

    Things to try-
    Barilla protein enriched pasta
    Arnold's double protein bread
    Ensure clear protein drink
    Quaker protein oatmeal

    They are all bland enough that you can try to stomach them and get some protein.

    Also, try to eat small meals every 1.5-2 hours as a little bit is better than nothing.
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