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NYE Randoms!

Had to force myself to get up and go to work but we are closing early! Win!

Re: NYE Randoms!

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  • I've been working from home for the last two weeks and I have to admit, the Price is Right is such a quality show. Who knew that guessing the prices of grocery items could be so thrilling. I don't love Drew Carey nearly as much as Bob Barker but it's still quality daytime tv....

    And I think it's time for me to return to the office next week.
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  • @Tnallen107 true! We will be paying for it next summer. I live in SoCal. No humidity but yes heat!

  • @kattyleigh I wish. It's been an unusually hot winter so I need it to cool down because if it doesn't we will have an unbearable summer
  • @Tnallen107 my ultrasound tech apologized for the long miserable summer I'm in for!! (Also in TX)

  • @texasmama2014 I grew up just outside of Dallas, and can I say how pumped I am I'll be going through pregnancy in the summer - In Vermont? Summer maternity clothes are way cuter AND cheaper than winter, but "summer" here is usually 80 degrees. We were married outside, in August, and the high of the day was 82. I needed a wrap by the end of the evening.

  • @Allisun85 I am sending a few jealous-rays your way. I am very much not looking forward to the summer. EXCEPT being able to lay on a tube in the pool. That, I can do. 
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  • I'm stressing about insurance stuff today. My prenatal appointments aren't covered until I meet my 1k deductible (which then resets March 1st, dammit) - but now I'm wondering if 1st tri screening may be covered? I know I need to call my dr., get the codes, and call my insurance company. I'm just anticipating that it will be a PITA and I wish finding out all this stuff was easier.

    On a related note, if anyone could explain the difference between a co-insurance max and out of pocket max, I'd be forever grateful. I have a 1k deductible, then prenatal care/delivery is covered 80% (I pay 20% coinsurance) and there is a 1k coinsurance max. So I assume everything after that is 100% covered. The "average birth" example my insurance packet includes shows a whole breakdown that results in me paying 2k total. But.... Where would my out-of-pocket max ($6k, I think) come into play?
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  • Since going through 2 other August pregnancies in the South, I think as long as you manage your expectations you'll be fine.  I'm hoping since this seems to be a late winter, that the cold weather will linger into April.  From there, its only a few bad months.  I work full time, so on bad days I just stay indoors.  I drive to work, go inside, drive home from work and stay indoors.  Weekends we tried to go to a pool or something.  

    I like being pregnant this time of year because its normal to have lot of snacks and hide the bump with lots of layers! 

  • @Hummingbird125

    I know with my plan one thing to keep in mind is my deductible, and out of pocket max are for the PLAN but is split over my husband and I.

    We have a $600 deductible. I have met my $300 for the year, he has used none of it. So we have $300 remaining on the plan deductible, but anything I go for I have already reached the 80/20 level. I know the same is for the max ($7500) it is split between us.

    You can ask the hospital to run your plan against their charges, and they should be able to generate an approximate bill.

    Don't forget - the baby will have a bill too! So in my example above, the little will have a $150 deductible, I will have a $300, and my husband will too. (my plan jumps to $750 as a "Family" plan, a dependents have a lower deductible) 

    I hope that made sense... I spent like thirty minutes on the phone with my ins trying to understand.

  • My random for today, my husband just got us reservations for tonight at the best restaurant in town. Okay... only. Still they are a hot ticket here in small town VT. We were on a cancellation list, and were able to JUST NOW score a 5pm.

  • My poor hubs is about to come through the door to a weeping fat lady in her pajamas at 3 in the afternoon. To be fair, I was up and productive early, but as the day has progressed I've gotten less energy and more emotional. Such a roller coaster. He has to work tonight and I'm super bummed that I'll miss my NY kiss.
  • I started eating my lunch, then had to put it in the fridge because I felt like I was going to puke. Now, 20 minutes later, I want to go get it again. Make up your mind, stomach.
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  • @Allisun85 - my H an I are on seperate plans through our respective employers, but thanks for the suggestion of asking the hospital to generate an approximate bill!
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  • Chick fil a totally helped my nausea for hours today! I feel like I'll be eating a lot of that. I bet the fries really helped. I may even get it for dinner!

    We are telling our close friends tonight at a little get together we are having. Really excited to tell them! Especially since one couple just had their first child a few months ago and it'll be great to finally talk to a friend who has recently gone through what I have.
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  • So.tired. Not going to make it till midnight!

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