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Pediatrician mistake

Yesterday I took my little guy in for his 4 month check-up. While I was talking to the nurse she referred to my son as "she". My husband corrected her and she looked down at her chart and made a note to switch the gender. My boys name is Finley, which I understand can also be a girls name these days. But this was his 4th visit to the doctors office. The doctor came in (a different Doctor than he has seen before) and also referred to him as a girl. It made me mad the second time. That's a huge mistake, correct it before the next person comes in the room, ya know? Anyway, his growth charts and his percentiles were given to me as if he was a girl. The doctor stepped out and printed new charts, but I realized that the charts change the information I was given by the doctor at previous appointments. For example, he was in the 33rd percentile for a girls size, but he is only in the 14th percentile for boys size (weight). Not that percentiles are that important, I'm just concerned that my doctor read off false information to me knowing I had a boy. If they missed that detail, what bigger things might they be missing? Also, it felt really impersonal that they did not fix their mistake right away and that they don't know my child after 4 visits in the clinic plus meeting him in the hospital. Should I find a new provider or is this probably not a sign of a bigger problem? I'm trying to decide if I want a new pediatrician after this last visit. He's my first baby so I'm trying to think rationally and not emotionally, but I just want the best care for him! I would appreciate your input!

Re: Pediatrician mistake

  • Honestly, I'd do some looking around. Our ped's office has around 10 physicians. We always see our Dr unless it is a same day sick appointment or we are in the hospital.
    I like the continuity. And I would def feel the same way wondering if they missed something bigger.
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  • Thanks ladies! I appreciate your advice. I was pretty sure it was a big deal. I will be looking around for a new ped!
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