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It started when my baby's father decided to go home (out of state) for2weeks. I was going to stay here because we didn't have the money for myself and the baby to go back as well. His sister ended up getting us a ticket to go back as well (yay!) i told my mom i was going back and she told me her days off. She has 3 maybe 4 of they let her. I talked to my so about the days she was off and he threw a fit saying I'm going so that i can be with him and saying i don't love him or want to be around him and to just stay at my mom's and don't bother going with him if i don't want too be around him. It's 3 days. We're there for 14. Am i wrong for wanting to go with my mom for her days off because it's starting to feel wrong?

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  • Sounds strangely selfish on his part, why wouldn't he want you to be able to visit your mom with the baby? Not wrong at all. Also 14 days is wayyyyy to long to deal with SO's family no matter how well you guys get along with them. Hope everything works out, I'm sad for you that SO is not considering your feelings in this decision!
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