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8 month old- Nap/eating schedule, milestones

Please share your 8 month olds eating and napping schedule!

Also, she isn't crawling yet and hasn't said any words, but does make letter sounds! I'm starting to get a little worried!

Re: 8 month old- Nap/eating schedule, milestones

  • Hello!
    My little girl just turned 8 months and here is her eating/napping schedule:
    8am- wake up, eat solids breakfast, nurse
    10am- down for nap
    between 11-12- wake up, nurse
    2pm- down for nap
    between 3-4- wake up, nurse
    5:45- nurse (I'm planning to drop this nursing session soonish)
    6:25- dinnertime (solids_
    7:30- nurse, bedtime.

    She doesn't crawl and hasn't said any words. Whether babies crawl or not may be a matter of temperament. Some kids never crawl. It's usually nothing to stress over as long as they're meeting their other developmental milestones, such as pulling to stand, cruising on furniture, and using their hands properly. Tell your Dr if your baby can't support her body weight or doesn't have energy to move around and make sure she is spending enough time on her tummy. By your baby's first birthday, she will be scooting, rolling, or crawling if she isn't already. 

    In other words, don't worry! Some babies take a few extra months to get moving, and a few go straight from rolling to walking without slowing down to crawl. 

    Also, your baby is 8 months and is making "letter sounds" which means she/he is meeting communication guidelines! Trust your instincts. If something seems wrong to you, ask your doctor about it. After all, you know your child best. Sounds to me like your baby is not showing any signs of a delay and she/he is meeting his/her communication guidelines. My baby is not making letter sounds, she only says ahhhhhhhhhhhhh and I am going to talk to her doctor tomorrow.

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