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Multicystic Kidney Disease

Hi everyone! New to The Bump and looking to get some personal stories/experiences of any families who have a child with MCKD. My child was just diagnosed yesterday at my 21 week US appt. We thought we were going for just a regular check up and come to find out our little one has MCKD in the right kidney. I've done lots of research on it in the last 24 hours but "Dr. Google" seems always say the worst so I'm just wondering if anyone is out there that can shine a little personal light on the subject and let me know how your little one is doing now. Also, did your little one seem to develop any other disabilities bc of MCKD. Thank you all for your insight and stories!

Xo - Scared but excited 1st time mommy. :)

Re: Multicystic Kidney Disease

  • Not sure how similar it is to polycystic kidney disease, but that's what our photographer has and she is pretty healthy. Her two college age children also have it and you'd never know it.
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  • My son had it. It do did go away in utero. His none kidney was much smaller than the other when born. At his 6 month us, it had completly shrunk! The body absorbed it. Which is awesome bc it meant not surgery. He is now 3 1/2 and the good kidney has grown much bigger than it should be. Meaning his body he made due with only one. He does have ASD but that is a separate issue. He is doing wonderful! Try not to worry. If it is only one kidney he will be just fine. Both kidneys is where it gets complicated.
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