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Vbac birth options what's happening ?

Hi everyone! I was just after a bit of advise. I am hoping for a vbac this time round with baby number 2 and was due Xmas eve. I now have an appointment tomorrow for an induction at my hospital. Now when I originally had my birth options appointment i remember discussing having my waters artificially ruptured and nothing about a sweep and yet in my notes the consultant has written about discussing ARM but on a different page has ticked sweep! So my question is what is happening at tomorrow appointment will I be having my waters broke as I originally thought or am I having a sweep... I thought I could have had a sweep at my doctors surgery so don't understand why I would need to have it done at hospital if that's what is meant to be Happening. Also if I'm having my waters broke will I be sent home afterwards or will I need to stay in? Argh I'll be 40+5 tomorrow and can not for the life of me remember for sure what was said to me re the birth options appointment and now in not sure what sort of childcare arrangements I should make for my daughter. I've already got grandparents looking after her and they will be able to have her for as long as needed but I've also arranged for my partner to take time off of work thinking I would be in labour within the next couple of days as a result of having my waters broken and now i don't know if I've over shot the line a bit and don't want to waste people's time. What do you think? Anyone had to go to hospital for a sweep after a previous c section? Is it normal to not have any sweeps and straight tobbavkng waters broken. My first daughter was emergency c section as I was breech in labour but it didn't feel like an emergency everything was nice and calm and went to plan perfectly. Any advise would be great thank u!

Re: Vbac birth options what's happening ?

  • I would call before you go and ask what they're doing. They need your permission anyway DVD you can always say no.
    I had a sweep the day before my due date that dud nothing.
    If you're past 4cm dilated having your water broken as a way to induce is an ok option. But if you're not progressed that far I wouldn't allow it because you'll be put on the clock.
    Ask about a cook catheter as an option. I just had one as a way to induce my VBAC and it worked great.
    Ask questions and make sure you're informed about what's happening to you.
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