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Car seats, which one?!

What infant car seat did you get or register for? I'm on baby #4 and I used the same infant car seat for my 1st 3 but it expired by the time my 3rd got out of it. Now I have no idea which one to choose! Recommendations?

Re: Car seats, which one?!

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    I was in the same boat (the seat from DS and DD expired). I got a Graco click connect 30. It has good reviews and is affordable. Also it's on the smaller side. The lighter the better when you have other kiddos too.

    Edit to add: I bought a SnugRider stroller frame off a local swap board for cheap. That way I have one that fits the seat but don't have to deal with the bulky travel system stroller.

  • We have the graco snug ride . My MIL and GMIL bought it for us. It's really sturdy and easy to handle. It's super light as well. I think most Graco products are probably a good choice.
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  • I have a Graco Click Connect and Graco Snug Ride 30. I like them both.
  • Britax B Safe 35. We bought the travel system. Easy to install as well.
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    We used graco snug ride for our first two and we got a graco click connect for this baby :) I have heard Chico keyfit is also a popular option but I have never used the brand so I stuck with graco
  • We have a MaxiCosi which works with our Bugaboo Chameleon stroller - worked great with our son and still fairly newish so will be using it again.
  • We did the Chicco keyfit30 and it seems great even just messing around with it after taking it out of the box. We picked it out because of the safety ratings, light weight, and compatibility with a stroller that can also be used when LO is a toddler
  • Chicco Keyfit 30 and we love it. I was between that and a Graco snug ride with DD (the click connect was brand new a the time), and I felt that the Chicco was easier to adjust.. A must for the grandparents.



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  • I got the nuna pipa... I actually had a phone consultation with The Car Seat Lady (check out their site) and that is what she recommended for us. Good luck!
  • We got the Chicco key fit also! I spent hours reading and loved all the reviews! It's very light weight I can hold the car seat and put the stroller away at the same time!
  • Graco snug ride

    You can try searching on this board and all boards for the same question as well
  • We used the Britax Be Safe Elite with DS1 and will be using it again with DS2. We love it and all Britax products

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  • I would look into Aton Cybex-q!! Seems really nice... :) Good luck!! (and really good luck with number 4!!) :)

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  • wisco29 said:

    Graco snug ride

    You can try searching on this board and all boards for the same question as well

    On a different note, which design do you have it in? My MIL picked out the one with clouds on it since its blue (I love blue)
  • We got the key fit for an infant car seat and we received the Britax Boulevard for her convertible car seat as a gift from my aunt.
  • http://http//

    This is what we got. We also still have our Graco Fitforme 65 that the other twin will be using. 

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  • The Britax BSAFE 35
  • Chicco keyfit. We used one with our DD but its expired since and we really liked it so we purchased a new one to use with DS.

  • We went with the Graco Snugride Click Connect 35. It is was of the lightest carriers available now, that was important for me. 

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  • We went with the britax b safe 35 elite this time. (Domino) I had the graco snug ride from a travel set that was gifted to me and I hated it. It was heavy, bulky and hard to use. Its a few years old tho and the new ones are my nicer.
  • Britax B Safe 35 Elite
  • We just got Graco SnugRide Click Connect 30 travel system. The seat comes out of the base so easily. Since we have two cars we're thinking about buying another base rather than springing for another carseat.
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    I have the chicco ketfit and the chicco nextfit convertible carseat. Both are large and clunky but safe. I think the nextfit is more comfortable and my now 3 yr old doesn't mind riding in it. It's super comfortable. I'm tempted to get a second for baby 2.

  • Britax b-safe elite. Haven't used it yet. I narrowed it down to the Chicco key fit and Britax.. Britax won for the simple reason it's made in USA.
  • We have the Uppababy Mesa and the Vista stroller

  • I got the Graco Aire 4 travel system from Buy Buy Baby. I went to the store to try different ones out.
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  • Still debating but I'm fully leaning towards the nuna pipa. We had Britax Bsafe with DS2 but I thought it was too heavy.
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  • Hands down spring for the peg pergo. Its the absolute best car seat on the market. A little disappointed they dont make the maserati edition for american consumers, but I was still able to purchase one that matches the leather in my cars interior. Its the only actual feasible convertible seat, so it's worth the money.
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