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recommendations for meditations for birth?

We took a birth class and the nurse/instructor had recommended downloading some meditations on phone or podcasts to help with birth but I'm having trouble finding them online.  Anyone have any suggestions? 

Re: recommendations for meditations for birth?

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    I don't have any meditation recs, but I noticed on Spotify the other day there are multiple albums called something like "music for labor/childbirth". (I just searched for childbirth). Some of them sounded great and very relaxing! Just wanted to pass along in case anyone reading this thread would be interested. They are definitely laid back enough to meditate to. I'm planning on using some with my hypnobabies techniques.
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  • I second Spotify. I have found a few I like when searching labor and delivery.
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  • All the hupnobirthing ones are great, like 'magic carpet' + 'colour and calmness' - there are also statements for empowering births, choose a few you like and practice breathing while reciting them, for a ftm i feel very calm about birth/my ability to birth after using these :)

    They are by katherine greaves and you can but the hypnobirthing bok online which comes with a c.d. with all of the above on.
  • thanks everyone!
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