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Bah and baby

My babys father and i are not married but we are together. My baby was born in aug and i was in the army until oct. My so started his bah paperwork at that time and moved out of the barracks and into an apartment with the baby and me. His paperwork still isnt finished and bah hasnt started. I am not currently working because our apartment is income restricted and daycare costs more than i would make. Our rent is due the 1st and we will have No Where near enough to pay for it or our other bills..... Does anyone have any advice or experience with delayed bah? We're both worried and stressed and this is really just a long rant i apologize. Anything is appreciated

Re: Bah and baby

  • Have your boyfriend to contact his command about the army's equivalent of the Navy Marine Corps Relief society. They offer no or low interest loans for situations like this. I'm not sure what the Army's version would be.
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  • Can you also contact your apartment manager(s) and let them know? Most of them as long as they know ahead of time are also willing to work with you regarding the rent. You may have to pay late fees, but you won't have to worry about being evicted while getting the BAH sorted out either. 
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  • The Army offers AER loans with no interest, his COC just needs to sign off that they're aware and approve it. My BAH took about 3 months to kick in after I got married.
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