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Advice needed- breastfeeding moms

i am a ftm and I've been trying to breastfeed my newborn. I get my lo to latch and he will feed for ten minutes then unlatch. Then he will want to latch again a couple minutes later. Does this mean that he isn't latched properly and not getting my milk or is he just getting used to working for his food? I feel like his latch is good but I'm not too sure. Has anyone else experienced this or have any advice on how to get him to be satisfied after feedings? 

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    Do you offer him the other breast after he has first unlatched? Perhaps he's not completely satisfied after finishing the first breast. My LO always eats from both breastsin a feeding. If I only give her one she will look for more food about 15 minutes later. If his latch feels good there probably isn't a problem. Just listen to make sure he is swallowing and watch for jaw movement vs. just shallow sucking without getting any milk!

    If you are unsure, look for a lactaion consultant in your area, they will watch you and baby nurse and help with any issues they see! Good luck mama!
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  • Is he dozing off when he is unlatching? Newborns will nurse, fall asleep briefly and wake to nurse again. It's going to be taking up most of your time in the beginning but keep offering breast. In the beginning newborn constantly nurses and sleeps and it's tough but if you really want to do it, know it's temporary and normal. Contact an LC or LA Leche League leader if baby is not making enough soiled diapers, doesn't regain birth weight by 2 weeks, or is not content between feedings.
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  • do you burp him whenhe unlatches? gas can make them feel full
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  • I have this issue with my LO. (3 weeks old) I found that when I'm not actually holding my breast to keep it in the optimum position for him he will unlatch. Also this morning I sat by the Christmas tree (something for him to look at/stimulate him) and he seemed to concentrate on the task at hand. I'm a FTM so I may not be providing the best advise, just what works for us!
  • I second burping! My LO will unlatch, I'll burp her, and then she'll usually latch again after the bubbles are out of her tummy. I have a fast flow and oversupply, so sometimes she's full after 10 minutes at one breast. If you're concerned, a Lactation consultant can do a weighted feed and check your latch.

    If your milk hasn't come in yet, he'll probably nurse a lot to stimulate your supply to come in.

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