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37 weeks pregnant - blood in nipple discharge

I've looked through older posts fro 2010, 2011, etc. where a few had this issue, but I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this more recently? I'm seeing blood in my colostrum from one nipple. There's no cracking or external damage I can see - its definitely coming from the ducts. Doctor has me scheduling a breast ultrasound next week so we can take a look and now I'm nervous about the potential outcomes/options. Baby is so close I'm fearing it may interfere with BFing. Since medical knowledge changes so fast I just figured I'd ask again vs. relying on the older posts. Any experience with this? I'm 38 and this is my second child.

Re: 37 weeks pregnant - blood in nipple discharge

  • Is it red blood or brown? I had brown blood from one nipple, and my midwife said it was fine; now baby is here and breastfeeding seems to be going ok
  • It's red so definitely fresh. I don't feel any lumps or anything - no swelling , etc. I hate waiting for Monday. Ugh.
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  • The waiting game is definitely the worst! Don't Google it, and I hope everything goes well at your appointment!
  • So they didn't see anything to be concerned about on the breast ultrasound - no lumps or masses. I'm still seeing some blood when expressed though and it grosses me out to think baby may drink blood. They gave me the name for a specialist - not sure if they'll want to do anything before baby arrives though which may be next week if all goes well. Feeling like early contractions are starting.
  • I had a little discoloration in my colostrum when my twins were born. My lactation nurse said it was 'rusty pipe syndrome'. NOthing to worry about. It went away in a couple days.
  • Just wanted to follow up and say you were right - it went away after a few days. I feel so much better. A cancer scare the week before baby was born was not fun.
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