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Sleeping through the night

Hi mommies, my princess is 16 wks now and I'm so envious of all the other mommies who say that their lil precious ones are sleeping through the night, my baby girl only manages 2-3 hrs a time matter how tired she is. Please share your secret.... I would so love her to sleep for longer....

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  • I am in the same boat. My doc at our four month appointment today said that we need to get him to sleep longer, and babies don't need to be eating at night by six months. I told him I thought he was to little to CIO. And he said that was fine but to try and work on at least stretching out feedings. My first goal is to break him of sleeping in the swing and get him in his own room and crib. That made a big difference with the other two, this one has just been such a bad sleeper I have been holding off since he will be sharing rooms with his older brother. I plan on doing that by January and then I will see if we can soothe him through the first feeding (my DH already does this once in awhile and it has been successful) and make it a habit to not be feed at 10 (which is usually his first wake up.). I think some kids naturally sleep and other need to be helped.


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  • I did nothing this past two weeks he just hasn't woken up in the night (but I have every 2 hrs to check on him not by choice guess I'm used to waking up now!!) however he'll fall asleep between 12-1am and not wake until 11-12 the next day. But he doesn't nap in the day.
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  • He's 18 weeks so maybe once your baby reaches that age? My son is only breastfed so when he wakes up at 11-12 he's like a wild child and I have to cope with his frantic drinking. But hey its better than waking all the time! Good luck hope LO starts her own pattern soon :)
  • We are 20 weeks and not even close to sleeping through the night! We are up every 2-3 hours, sometimes less. The doc said it'll just happen when he's ready and cutting out feedings won't really help. He has to be neurologically ready and he'll do it on his own. Doesn't make me feel any better though haha
  • 18 weeks here and he will randomly STTN every 10 days or so. Otherwise, there is no consistency to his sleep, when he wakes up, when he gets up for the day, nothing. One night he'll sleep from 8-3, the next from 7:45-1, the next from 7:30-2. It's hard to go to bed having no idea how the night is going to go.
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  • Exactly how my son is Sonadora, it's exhausting with no predictability
  • This routine gets our girl to sleep. 1. First breastfeed. Then, give her a bottle. She typically drinks 3 to 7 oz. Then, breastfeed until she sleeps. I think sleeping through the night is helped by first making sure she is not hungry. 2. Make sure she has a good diaper to last her. Some brands are more absorbant than others. If there is any chance of leaking, put a second diaper on top of the first. Having a diaper that keeps all of the urine away helps her to sleep longer. 3. Finally, make sure she is plenty warm. Our girl really appreciates her sleep sack. Result: It might just be luck, but our baby typically sleeps at least six hours before needing to be fed. Then, she will sleep a few more hours.
  • Its a big no no.... but I let my 4 month old sleep in bed with me, its the only time she gets good sleep, 5-7 hours. I dont drink/drug and i rarely move in bed so im not worried about squishing her
  • My 2nd daughter (19 1/2 weeks) was up for a 3 hour stretch from about 1am to 4am last night... Long wakeful periods middle of the night have been her norm recently and its sad because prior to the 4 month wakeful she would give a nice long stretch of sleep from about 7:30 or 8 till 3, nurse, sleep again till 5, nurse and sleep again till 6:30 or so. My older daughter was a bad sleeper from the start but had long wakeful periods middle of the night at this age too. She didn't sleep through the night till after 15 months old and was up 3-4 times a night till around 14 months old and then 1-2 till she finally decided sleeping was better :persevere: I'm hopeful this one will start sleeping better sooner since she used to. Hang in there. It really does seem like forever ago when I look at my just turned 3 year old. And if its any consolation I hear poor sleep is indicative of high intelligence :smile: My 3 year old is ridiculously smart.
  • What I am about to tell you may or may not work..... They say on average a baby feeds 6 times within a 24 hour period. So instead of giving 6 feeds in a 24 hour period we would do it in a 12 hour period to hydrate for anoonger period at night, we would also do a small routine of bath, feed, bed.
    We started doing this for DD at two weeks and by 4 weeks she would sleep 6pm-around 2am feed/change sleep 2:30am-6am now at 18 weeks she is sleeping almost 12 hours, usually asleep by 6:30pm.
    The downfall
    I believe to this is that she would get a tummy ache in the evening because she didn't have enough time to digest her milk from one feed before I would feed her again.
    Good luck xx
  • my LO is almost 5 months. Still wakes up every 2-3 hours for feedings. Sometimes he will sleep 1 hour, sometimes 4 hours max. He's unpredictable. Trying some gentle sleep training now, but its not making much of a difference.

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