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Flame Free Friday! FFF

This is an oldie but goodie. 

Anyone have anything they want to share?

Here is mine:

I pretend to no hear the monitor go off when baby cries. It forces my husband to get up and take care of the baby. I am only doing this because for WEEKS he bitched about being so tired when nothing changed for him. I BF so I was up all hours of the night/ day feeding. Now that little can go through the night without eating, daddy is gonna learn what being tired is all about. :-) 

Re: Flame Free Friday! FFF

  • ^that is a good one. I do the same, or I will nudge H awake then pretend to still be asleep so I know he actually woke up.

    Mine is pretty tame this week. We just had our Christmas dance for the kids. Some didn't want to go to the dance so we had a room with games and a movie going. Well I was running the door into the dance and I made them pick one place and stay there.
    The confession is I did it after my boss told me that I needed to let them change places.

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  • It's not Friday anymore but here's mine: this morning DD woke up and I got up to feed her. After she finished nursing I brought her to our bed for family snuggles. After a couple minutes she started to get fussy and I ask DH if he would take her while I took a shower. I then "accidentally" fell asleep for 30 minutes.
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  • Lol love these! My husband works nights so half the time I'm alone. I also BF so he's off the hook for feeding at night. And we have separate bedrooms and baby sleeps in my room so he's really spared. Sometimes I do bang on his door and say he's fed, changed, just doesn't want to sleep and it's your turn!
  • I hid all my pacifiers because DD doesn't like them and I have a friend who forces them on her because she refuses to accept that mommy is DD's favorite person.
  • @banfrog my mother in law is the same! I've told her multiple times he won't take a pacifier and she still tries to shove it in his mouth. She babysat last weekend and I hid all of the pacifiers and she still found one! We came home and she was holding it in his mouth as he was fighting it! Drives me nuts
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