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when am I...

Going to start showing?!?! I'm 14w3d and still just feel fluffy. I would really like to start feeling pregnant and not just fat and lazy lol. When has everyone else started showing?

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  • It all varies person to person and pregnancy to pregnancy.  Some start showing by 12 weeks.  Some take 24.  With my first I was about 20 weeks.
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  • I was just complaining about the same thing. I still don't even feel like telling people I'm pregnant because I don't want to just draw attention to my fluffy midsection. I'm 13+5. On the other hand, I like that most of my clothes still fit and I haven't gained much weight. So I guess the bump can show up whenever it feels like it. Now I'm more excited to just feel the baby movements in hopefully the next 4-5 weeks!

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  • I'm 14wks+ and baby has basically pushed all my chub to the outside of my body so I look fat. I'm in the rubber band pants stage.
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  • *lurking from March BMB*

    every woman is different. FTM's usually take a bit longer to show than STM's+. most FTM's dont show until mid-late 2nd tri. i personally didnt show 18-19 weeks, so you probably have a bit longer before you get an actual baby bump. hang in there!
  • I'm 16+4 and Im showing less this time around than with my first. Some days it's very obvious, some days I still just look a little pudgy. It'll happen :)
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  • I didn't show until after 20 weeks with my son and even then it wasn't super noticeable. With this one I just look a bit bloated and I'm 15 weeks.
  • I'm 16w3d, and just the last week or so I look pregnant instead of like I ate too much, and only if I'm wearing something fitted. This is my third and I think that's the only reason I'm even showing now!
  • I'm 16w1d and the only way I can tell I have any inkling of a bump is looking at my bare tummy or when I'm wearing a tight cami or something. I can't suck it in anymore and for the most part the "blump" is pretty consistent all day, not smaller or bigger at morning or night but right now I just look chunky haha. It'll happen!

  • I'm 16w1d and I'm pretty sure my uterus is just pushing out the layer of fat I already had so its making me look more pregnant than I should. Definitely not able to suck in at all.
  • meggyme said:

    I'm 14wks+ and baby has basically pushed all my chub to the outside of my body so I look fat. I'm in the rubber band pants stage.

    ^^This I'm 14+3 as well

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  • I'm a third time mom and 15 weeks along, and I'm not really "showing". I'm just a little thicker around the waist. All my clothes still fit, some just don't look as great as they did before.
    With my first I showed clearly at 20 weeks, with my second it was around 18.
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