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Baby's 1st Christmas

What are you planning on getting your little ones for Christmas and How old will they be ?
I have a couple ideas in mind but not completely sure , I would love to hear some feed back on any toys your babies love or didn't really care for ! Also would love to hear what you want to get your little bundle of joys ;;)

My baby will be 9 months around Christmas and I was debating on getting her
1.) the tiny tikes activity gardens
2.) fisher price bright beats smart touch
3.) v tech magic star learning table (or any other activity table )
4.) I want to make my own ball pit for her to play in (if anyone knows of a nice one to buy let me know please )

I cant wait to read all your ideas !

Re: Baby's 1st Christmas

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    Hmm...good question! My baby is six months. I don't know that I will go too crazy with Christmas gifts for her because she will be getting lots of gifts from her grandparents and Aunts & Uncles- PLUS at the age she's at right now I can't resist buying her some new toys leading up to Christmas to keep her entertained. I also want to get her an activity table- I like the 'Bright Starts Having a Ball Get Rollin". I will give her a book for sure and maybe just one or two toys at Christmas. 

    My Mom asked for a suggestion and I suggested the book On the Night You Were Born, Fisher Price Shape Sorter, or clothes. 
    "It's always better when we're together." -Jack Johnson
  • Little man will be 9 months on Chriistmas, 

    Melissa and Doug Wooden Puzzle, book and an outfit. I know my mom will be going crazy with the gifts so we will be taking it easy. 
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  • My suggestion for a ball pit is to get a small blow up kiddie pool and then buy the balls separately. So much easier and cheaper PLUS they have more room in the pool!

  • My suggestion for a ball pit is to get a small blow up kiddie pool and then buy the balls separately. So much easier and cheaper PLUS they have more room in the pool!

    Great suggestion! Super simple and smart!

    "It's always better when we're together." -Jack Johnson
  • DS will be 9mos. at Christmas and we're getting him a ball pit.  DD had one and loved it at that age.
    We also got him a vTech sports center thing and some megaBloks
    Piper, 4/10/10
    Connor, 3/16/15
    Morgan, EDD 9/22/16

  • My DD will be 8 months and she already has an activity mat that doubles as a ball pit. She likes it a lot. We just recently got her the banana shaped teether and she loved that too. We'll probably be investing in a combination toy that converts from walker to riding toy since she'll probably start walking before her first birthday. Probably lots of clothes and books. She's pretty spoiled already. Lol
  • LO will be 7 months at Christmastime. I may be in the minority but I probably won't be getting much for him. I'm thinking maybe just a stocking of a few small toys that he can pull out and play with. I'm sure how families will dote on him plenty. Next year, when he's older, will be a little different. :)

  • My son will be 8 months at Christmas time. And I'm definitely in the minoroty.... we won't be buying him anything. We will probably fill a stocking but that will be the most. My family has gone over board with buying him things and we are on a very tight buget right now. We figure he will not know the difference so we will just start looking towards his first birthday presents.

  • Hey there, I recently downloaded the "mama" app and noticed you can get a ball pit (along with many other things) for pretty cheap. You buy the area and balls seperately as theres many options to choose from. I already ordered a few things for my LO. Hope this helps =)
  • As far as the ball pit goes, we have one for our baby girl and she LOVES it. Its a turtle and the head stores the balls. Its like any other play may gym thing, lol, but it has a little pit that contains the balls. It has everything included with it. It was like $50 bucks. She can't get enough of it. I found mine on Targets website.
  • a few things my daughter (6 months at christmas) will be getting:
    in her stocking: cube books, little people, sippy cup, teething toy, push pop up toy/rattle
    around the tree: board books, baby einstein christmas video, entertainment table thing (found one in a mom swap that saved me a lot of money), fisher price race car thing and a merida doll
  • Our daughter will be 8.5 months at Christmas. We got her several books. We read every night so new books are so welcome! A Melissa & Doug puzzle and then a toy walker. Puffs, yogurt melts and itty bittys for her stocking.
  • I'm struggling to decide what to get my little girl as well. We got her a few toys, but I'd like to get her something memorable. Something that she will be able to say down the road "my parents got this for me for my first Christmas". Any suggestions along those lines? TIA
  • I've seen on pinterest where you can do a memory blanket. You can make a quilt out of first onesies. I've also seen where people do the clay ornaments where you do their hand or footprint and let it dry.
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