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New here!

Hey!  I have a baby girl, 8 months old and born the beginning of April.  When my son was little I used to be on The Bump a lot, and havn't really done it in a while.  But Its always nice having the support of other moms, so I ventured back!  Hi!

Re: New here!

  • Hi! It is always really lovely to have the support and understanding of other Mamas! Glad you ventured back!
    "It's always better when we're together." -Jack Johnson
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  • Thanks!  Seems fairly slow and empty here. Do people not really post here anymore?
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  • There was some trouble back in February, particularly for this group. A lot of people either got banned or left in protest of the bans. The admin are now hired professionals. I'd also guess it's also a bit slow since we're busy with our LOs. Good to have you back!
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