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Question about Getting Induced

I have GD, and OB is planning on inducing me at 39 weeks (I'm 38 weeks today).

My question: has anyone been induced and then not had an epidural? I've always planned on a medicated free delivery, but have heard that potocin (sp ?) makes the pain a lot worse. I guess I'm curious if it's even possible to go without the epi.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Question about Getting Induced

  • I was told by the birthing nurse that pitocin makes labor more painful but then I've heard from mothers that it didn't make a difference. I think this is one of those things that varies from woman to woman. My sister in law said it didn't make a difference at all to her. IMO, skip it unless you feel like it's necessary. Don't feel pressured into one.
  • Lurker, but yes. I had GD with my last (and have it with this one) and was induced at 39 weeks as well. I actually got an epidural, but it didn't work. I had no pain relief from it at all. It hurt like hell, but I made it through and don't plan on getting an epidural this time. Honestly I cringe more when thinking about trying to be still and bent forward in the right position while having contractions and someone jabbing me in the spine than i do when I remember the contractions. Maybe that would be different if it worked, but I'm not chancing it again. Also, I had occasional stabbing pains in my spine for months after bc of the epi. So this time, no thank you.

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  • I discussed this during my childbirth class as I also have GD. My teacher said that if they use pitocin to induce, then once labor kicks in really well you can ask them to turn it off or at least way down so achieving a med free birth is still possible. I've even read stories about women who have pitocin the whole time and still don't get an epidural. Definitely talk to your doctor about your desire for no meds and discuss your options with her.
  • I have done it both induction and non-induction, honestly the induction was much easier because active labor was only about 2 hours compared to the 8 hours without pitocin. I had an epidural with the induction but it did not work so I am probably not going to bother with one this time. I think the contractions are the same amount of pain either with or without induction
  • There are other ways to induce labor than pitocin that tend to give you a kick start instead of being more of a continuous thing. I would just talk to your dr about your desire to be as med free as possible and what your options are. My Drs keep talking about 39 weeks cause I'm on blood thinners but I'm going to request a membrane strip first instead- it's worked with my other babies!
  • My mom had pitocin with all 3 of us and no epidurals. I also have a friend who was induced and then didn't get an epidural. From what I understand, when you labor naturally your body is able to slowly work itself up to active labor and prepare. When you're induced you skip a lot of the prep time which makes it seem more painful.
  • I was induced with my first, it took a really long time. I ended up getting an epidural after about 9 hours because I was so exhausted and was hoping it would let me get some sleep, I may have been able to deal with the pain of it just hadn't taken so long! I was not induced with my second and did not need the epidural, it was faster and less painful.
  • I also know someone who did really well with a membrane scrape.
  • After hours of pitocin and the stress of painful contractions, the epidural allowed me to finally
    relax and I dilated to 10 quickly after I got it. I'll get it again if I can.
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  • ljhgrey said:

    After hours of pitocin and the stress of painful contractions, the epidural allowed me to finally
    relax and I dilated to 10 quickly after I got it. I'll get it again if I can.

    My midwife said that they will sometimes recommend an epidural to help women relax during harder labours becauae the relaxing makes a big difference. Given that the same midwife originally encouraged me to look into all natural childbirth, I thought this was very interesting.
  • Everyone has a different pain tolerance. I was induced at 39 weeks with my DD because I'm a type 1 diabetic. I had an epidural which made it so I had no pain at all and everything else ended up going very smooth. You can try it without an epidural, but I would talk to L&D nurses to know when the cut off for getting one is so you know all your options. I was planning on not getting one, so I don't want to say you will be forced into one, but it's your choice and your body. You need to know everything before hand so you can make the right choices for you.

  • It's not an automatic epidural just because you're induced. I was induced with cervadil and chose at the last moment to get an epidural. My SIL was induced with cervadil and, then had pitocin and still didn't have one. My labor was about 5 hours total after the cervadil was put on and hers was 14ish. Everyone's different and so is every birth for every mom.

  • I just had my little man yesterday and was induced. I went in wanting as unmediated as possible but kept an open mind knowing this was my first and it was an induction. I got induced with just pitocin and breaking my water bc I was already 3+ cm and low and thin so I didn't need a ripening agent. The first few hours were great and didn't need any meds. active labor started and I went from 4 to 8 1/2 in less than 2 hours and went from I'm totally ok to ok this sucks but I can do it to I can't move or breathe bc it was so fast and intense. Luckily I got a very quick epidural that worked to take the pain away but not all of the pressure so I could still tell when I had contractions so I could push and still could move my legs quite a bit. I was pushing within the hour. I think going in open minded is your best bet, for me my desire for unmediated kinda went out the window when it was that quick and intense, and ended up being able to relax and enjoy pushing and meeting little man!
  • At 39 weeks, you may just need a little nudge with pitocin, then they can take you off of it as your body takes over. Sometimes just breaking your water will do the trick, too. I've had smooth inductions with epis with both of my kids and probably will this time, too, but my sister went med free on an induction with a little pitocin with her 7 month old.

    You may want to try red raspberry leaf tea or capsules, dates, and pelvic rocks. She swears they helped. I'm trying it for kicks since this is my third and last, but I also am going in with a relaxed attitude. Pain meds aren't the end of the world and don't make you less of a woman.

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  • I was induced with pitocin before getting an epidural. The pain was unbearable. I finally did get my epidural. I would never do that again.
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