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Dumbest question, humor me...

I got an elective US at 13 weeks since I only had one at 6 weeks and hubby missed it. I see something really creepy in this picture. In another picture I see something in the background.

Have any of you had a missed twin up until 13 weeks? Can a tech miss it in 3D? Seems a bit strange to me. Also I'm not sure where this post goes. If it doesn't go here I'll delete it.

Re: Dumbest question, humor me...

  • I see a baby, but that's just me. I will say that we didn't find out twins until 19 weeks, but we hadn't had any ultrasounds before then so the only detection would have been picking up the second heartbeat on doppler (which clearly didn't happen before then).

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  • They detected my twins at week 9. There was no missing the second baby. But I've heard of it more than once.
    I do get what you say in the picture though. It almost looks like a masked face right in the background by your baby's face and stomach. I'm not sure what it is. Did you ask the tech about it?

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  • Sonographers can decipher amazing things. I'd be surprised they would miss that, but you never know! At your anatomy scan be sure to ask them to look around for a 2nd!
    I found out I was having twins at 7 1/2 weeks (very clear). At a sonogram at 12 1/2 weeks it was a little harder to get both twins on the screen at the same time very clearly.
  • That's IS a creepy picture. :)
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