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Dog jumped on belly

I am 15 weeks pregnant and my sisters pitbull just jumped on my lower abdomen very hard and left a scratch mark. I am not having any pain. Should I be worried or am I overreacting. Has this happened to anyone else?

Re: Dog jumped on belly

  • Unless you're experiencing cramping/bleeding, you're likely fine. If either of those things occur, definitely call your provider.
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  • Your baby is very well protected. My dog jumped on me regularly while I was pregnant. No severe pain or bleeding, you are fine.

    I lurk. I snark. I offer sound advice if you're not BSC. You may not like me. I'm okay with it.

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  • ecwk said:
    Think about STMs who have toddlers climbing all over them all day. Unless you're in pain and/or bleeding, I'd say you're fine!
    My DS kicks me on a regular basis. Unless there's pain/craming/bleeding, you're fine.

  • My poor bump takes elbows and knees from my one and two year olds all the time. Baby's healthy as can be at 29 weeks so far.
  • I used to worry about the dog too... Until I had a toddler. Now the dog jumping on me is nothing compared to the 3 year old monkey constantly scaling me. So long as you have no cramping or bleeding you should be fine. It is scary though.
  • My dog regularly jumps on me. Pregnant bellies are sturdy. You'll be fine. 
  • Yes dogs have nothing on toddlers. Unless you are in pain you are fine. The baby is very well protected in there. :)

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  • You should be fine.  Our babies are very protected!  I would only be worried if you experience bleeding with cramping.  Otherwise, no're fine :)
  • Thanks everyone. I feel better :-)
  • For some reason I read that as DH!
  • Our toddler is elbowing me in the stomach daily - I asked the doc about it. She said he would have to jump from the top bunk bed on top of me laying on my back on the floor to cause any serious damage. I felt better after that LOL :) 
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